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March, 31 2007 - National Jewish Shoots for the Stars

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Co-chairs of the event, Greg Kalkwarf of BKD, LLP, left, and Andy Fine, M.D. Jeff Payne, left, with Amy Arens and committee member and sponsor Greg Fisher Committee member Tom Kahn, left, with Rosadel Logelin and Tom Lane Matt Casciano, left, with Tim Cueno and Jim Heiney
Committee member James Barbour, left, chats with sponsor Mike Pennington, regional VP with Cooper Industries Epicurean Catering's Richard Rizzo, left, chats with sponsor and board member Barry Hirschfeld Mike Sullivan, left, Dave Witte, Ron McDaniel and co-chair John Kamprath watch the basketball finals on one of the many large screen televisions People were able to play card games, pool, and hoop games
Tom Tarver, left, with Greiner Electric, and Mark Weber and Tom Houlihan with Greg Fisher Lighting get ready to shoot some pool Committee member Joe Nelson, left, (with BKD), Greg Raymond and Jeff Thompson Jeff and Michelle Seidel enjoy the festivities Curtis Rouse chats with Kathleen Bennett
Committee member Wayne Grider, left, with Paul Hibbs, Joe Simmons, Rich Buel and Jim Fischer Linda Schierburg, left, was on a roll at the craps table until she had her picture taken--then she rolled a 7. Next to her is Jane Anhold. Rich Schierburg, left, and Frank Bumgarner enjoy a friendly game of craps George Reynolds, left, and Darin Snow trying their luck at cards
National Jewish's Karen Hill, left, Candace Wilson and Rosemary Lindsay Colson and Silviana Schaab, left, with committee member Alan and Janene Guzowski, Tim Morris and Shannon Duffield National Jewish's Nancy Buchanan, left, and Deborah Beebe helped with the silent auction. James Arent, left, with his father, board chair Steve Arent.
Wayne Phillips, left, and Bret Kramer watch the game. President and CEO of National Jewish, Dr. Michael Salem (left) with board member and event co-chair Rich Schierburg Board chair Steve Arent, left, with National Jewish President and CEO, Michael Salem, M.D. Dennis Buelow, left, and Steve Mithuen enjoy the dinner provided by Epicurean Catering
Rich Schierburg thanked everyone for their support One of the sponsor tables, Holme Roberts & Owen. From left: Kathryn Buckley, Manuel E. Martinez, Devin Muniz, Stepanie Mann, Pat Cortez and event co-chair, Manuel L. Martinez President and CEO of National Jewish, Dr. Michael Salem, proudly talks about some of this year's accomplishments in research Event co-chairs Dave Greiner of Greiner Electric, left, and Rich Schierburg
Dave Greiner proudly accepts his award for being the top fundraiser this year and his new nickname, "The Horse." Sara Johnson and John Cambier Board member Phil Karsh, left, with board chair Steve Arent, retired CEO Lynn Taussig M.D., current CEO Michael Salem, M.D. and Bill Gold (board member since 1974--Emeritus) Mike Morley, left, chats with Dave Dahl and Jen Netheron
Raquel and Jose Gomez, left, with Rob Adkins Philip Sauer, left, with Richard Holzer and Dave Schunk Bob Foster, left, with John Robson, David Jones, Jeffrey Payne and Amy Arens Kathleen Bennett and Stu Bennett try their hand at hoops. Kathleen was the clear winner.
People stood in line to play a hoops game. Kim Uhrig, left, with co-chair Dave "The Horse" Greiner, Elaine Greiner, Kris Wintroub and Jerry Laflem    
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