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May, 08 2007 - 2007 Cindy Acree Hope Awards for CNI

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These adorable bears were sitting at each table to welcome the guests An army of teddy bears Great food spread A wonderful olive and hummus platter
More stuffed friends Bev Yablonoki, left, Maybelle Davey and Carol Murray Doug Tisdale, left, Dana Bassock, Leo Donian, CNI CFO Scott Barnes Robert Wicker, left, Roz Davis, Teri Steckley, Gabrielle Edney
Ruth Bowling, left, Betty Phillips Kathy Proctor, left, Nancy Boyle Sandy Durkin, left, Dawn Jordan Justin Marty, left, Erin and Pam Spry
Heidi Frey and Lou Taylor Patricia Riley, left, Susan Goldbach Ginny Mayers, left, Ginny Messina, Dick & Jean Watt CNI Director of Development Melissa Francis and Dr. Jay Schneiders
Michael & Jill Schmidt Ted & Amy Eigner and Kim Taylor Dennis Woljan and Sharyne Paine Dan Hugo and Lynda Gumeson
Everyone really enjoyed the yummy food. Christine Benero and Palmer Pekane Wally & Dee Watson Pam Ignat, left, Sandy Autrey
Sue Goodin, left, Roland & Nell Muhrer Beth Sherman, left, Brian Henning, Kathy Wolf Arlene & Don Johnson, left, Florence Ricci Dr. Daniel Huddle, left, Jennifer & Dr. Paul Elliott
Dr. Don & Debbie Frei The delicious dessert plate Luanne Williams , Executive Director of CNI (2nd from left) with Gairy Gordon and family. Gairy was one of the Hope Award recipients for the evening Alexandra Sly and her family, Alexandra was a Hope Award recipient .
Dr. Edward Arenson, President of the CNI Medical Advisory Board, Charlie Wolf, Hope Award recipient, Dr. Jay Schneiders George and Charleen Merlo. Charleen was a member of the Hope Awards Committee Dr. Don Smith, left, and Douglas Tisdale, Chairman of the CNI Board of Directors Douglas Tisdale, left, Chairman of the CNI Board of Directors, Don Johnson, exiting CNI board member, Luanne Williams , Executive Director CNI
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