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July, 24 2007 - The 2007 Children's Hospital Courage Classic!

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Jim & Jamie Ballard enjoy their breakfast before heading out for the third day's ride. Volunteers - Joel and Jennifer Beam The Colorado State Patrol kept the roads safe for the bicyclists - here, eating breakfast before the third day's events are (left to right) CSP officers: Phil, Gary, Mark and JD. Stan Schoen and Kathy Dale are riders from Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Conrad Page (left) from New Mexico with Gary McNaughton and Rex Shurtleff -- these guys are part of Team Pegosa Vicky Mandell (left), Leslie Annand, Siggi Pugh, Ellen Fishelman and Allyn Barday Tom and Sue Matthews get ready for the third day's ride with a great breakfast. Jay Sage enjoys his breakfast before his ride. He said that he has been enjoying the ride, but glad today is the last day!
April Evans (left), Renae and Greg Girkin, Denise and Ron Lopez Beth Way (left), Amy Krieg and Lisa Kirkpatrick A family that rides together! Left to right: Kelly, Keith and Matt Rotefeld from Highlands Ranch, Colorado Jewel McGarraugh (left) and Lynda Baker from Colorado Springs.
Don Hale (left), Charles Osborn, Dick Harden and Gerry Thiel. These guys have known each other since they were kids. Charles flew in from Las Vegas to join them for the ride of his life! Justin Bellamy from Littleton, Colorado Ford Muilligan from Broomfield, Colorado Some members of the Team CMC - riding for their third year together - left to right: Martha Markson, John Steiner, Carol Malesky, Dianne Brogden, Spero Papadopoulos and Jay Markson.
Rick and Angela Lujan (left) with Robin and Peter Strecker. They have been riding in this event for 4 and 5 years respectively. Robin is a nurse at Children's Hospital. Mike Roarty (left), Susan Butts, John Brewer and John Voehl. Susan has ridden in this event for 6 straight years. Jerry Schmidt (left), Brian Sells, Frantz Joseph, Jeff Crisafulli and Tom Johnson. Brian has ridden for 4 years straight, Franz for 5 and Jeff for 9. They are all from the Denver metro area. Part of Team Courage - left to right: Chuck Sherman, Kevin Sherman and Devin Sherman. With them are Matt Sodnicar, Carl Heidgen and Lisa Frechette. Lisa is in from Florida for this event.
Shawn Heidgan (part of Team Courage) getting ready for her ride. Shawn and Chuck Heidgan, part of Team Courage, just before the third day's ride. Carl is with the official clothing supplier for the event - Pactimo. Team Kenna's Crew. Captain Debby Eades said that the team raised $10,190 with 13 riders. Team Golden - Captain Donna Fell said that the team raised $1,795 with 6 riders.
Team Dude Girls - Sally Hanna (left) with Captain Ayn Hanna said that the team raised $1,050 with only two riders. Volunteers: Dana Packwood (left), Lynne Harkness, Orlin Jenkins and Vicky Cassabaum Kevin Brady (left) with Rainer Schwarz Riders in the morning about to embark on the 3rd day's ride to Leadville. The weather at Copper Mountain was a beautiful 65 degrees and sunny.
Mike Pudwill (left) of Campus Cycles works on Keith Deline's bike before the third day's ride to Leadville. Dakota Red Team Members - Dianne Cunningham, Kristen Solomon, Noel and Shina Culbertson. Dakota Red is a team riding in memory of Dakota Solomon (Kristen's 7 year old son who died 5 years ago). Their team has been riding together since 2002, originally with 6 people. Today, they have 49 members, has raised $59,241 this year and is the largest family (non-institutional) team. Greg Vince (left), Mike Drew and Don Hubbard, a few of the members of Team Wheels of Justice (the PJCKN Group). Wheels of Justice has raised $146,496.97 this year and has 206 riders. Starting today's ride... off they go from Copper Mountain to Leadville, Colorado.
Robe Dane (left), Rainer Schwarz and Simon Chen of Team Grover. Volunteers at the starting line: Amy Glick (left), Deb Roth, Bill Smith and Mark Cesario Susie and Ed Wargin (left) with Amy Carter getting ready to start the day's ride to Leadville from Copper Mountain. Cathy Evans (left), Cathy and Jay Montgomery and Jamie Lavelle getting ready to start the day's ride to Leadville from Copper Mountain.
Riding Medics - Julie Whitney (left) and Eric Burns. And they're off -- riding into the mountains on a glorious morning. Up hill the whole way... 47 miles from Copper Mountain Resort to Leadville. Still having fun. Even going uphill, everyone was smiling and having a great time.
Are we there yet... only 5 miles into the ride, everyone was having a good time. ahhh, a little coasting. About 15 miles into the ride, there was a long stretch of coasting. Oh yeah, we're doing it! Having fun on their third day of riding in the Rocky Mountains. Jewel McGarraugh (left) and Lynda Baker from Colorado Springs at the first rest top of today's ride.
Riders passing the "Welcome to Leadville," the "On Top of it All" sign. -- 10,200 feet above sea level A group of cyclists passing the 'Welcome to Leadville," "On Top of it All" sign. -- 10,200 feet above sea level After another 15 miles, a welcome relief to see an aid station just ahead. Fresh fruit, outhouses, water and mechanics are at each rest stop. The volunteers helped everywhere --here, a volunteer directing bicyclists to turn right at the fork in the road.
Still going and having a good time... here is a rider waiving to the camera having a great time. Up, up and away... Riding uphill isn't so bad! Here a rider is still smiling. More wonderful volunteers -- Here, two ladies are directing the cyclists with the base route around Turquoise Lake to the right, with a shortcut of 10 miles to the left. The sun was shining on this volunteer. Julie Whitney , a volunteer and riding medic, wears a grass skirt about 10 miles before the finish.
The hills are alive... with the sound of peddlers!--riders having an amazing time on a beautiful day. Only 9 miles left... the road into Leadville is absolutely beautiful. Some of the cyclists stopping at the rest stop with only 9 miles left to go. Still smiling! Volunteer: Teresa Way (left) with her daughter Jessica helping give directions at the last rest/aid stop.
The whole family gets into helping --Jessica (left), Scott and Trevor helping their mom, Teresa Way, volunteer. Megan and Mike Vanoni. They said they are having the BEST time but are happy that there are only 9 miles left! With approximately 2,000 riders in this weekend's event, everyone had fun! Everyone had an awesome time riding.
Still smiling with only 4 miles left! A couple of riders from Team Fat Tire, makers of Fat Tire beer (The New Belgium Brewing Company) having a great time. 27 riders on this team raised $26,278.00 for Children's Hospital. Almost there... still riding fast and furious at over 10,000 feet in elevation near Leadville, Colorado Having an awesome time.. riders come into the final stretch of the Courage Classic.
At the finish line, the Children's Hospital Ambassadors hand out medals to each rider. Acres of bikes... at the end of the tour, all the bikes are stacked up here. One of the major sponsors, Dreyer's Ice Cream, had a truck giving out popsicles and ice cream cups to whoever asked. The 2007 Courage Classic medal hangs from a rider's handlebars. With approximately 2,000 riders in this year's classic, $2.1 million dollars is expected to be raised during the largest fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Denver.
Dan Elliman (left), Joy Johnson, Alexa Culshaw, Leslie McKay and Peter Culshaw. Dan is the former president of the Children's Hospital Foundation, Joy is the current Foundation board president, and Peter is a board member. Team OUT Spokin'. Number of team members is 38, but the goal is 70 for next year. Donations raised this year topped $12,870. This team has been riding together for 10 years. BingEnergy was a sponsor for this year's event. Here is the BingEnergy group in front of their tent in Leadville. Owners of BingEnergy are Susan and Lamont Seckman. A few of the members of Team Research Riders. Beth Beard, captain, said that they raised $258,665.69 with 147 riders this year.
Current Children's Hospital Foundation President Dr. Jim Shmerling with Foundation board member Molly Broeren. Leslie McKay, Director of Special Events (left) with Peggy Warner, VP of the Children's Hospital Foundation. Former President and CEO Dori Biester, Ph.D. (left) with Anne Hanson. Doug and Judy Arnoldi (center) with their kids Drew (left) and Hannah (front). Doug is the District Manager for Kohl's Department stores and is a huge contributor to the Children's Hospital Foundation.
At the finish line, the Children's Hospital Ambassadors hand out medals to each rider. Two of the 8 Children's Hospital 2007 Ambassadors - Jacob Sensebaugh (left) and Issac Sargent Dominic Harden, a 2006 Children's Hospital Ambassador poses in front of his awesome bicycle. Dominic Harden, a 2006 Children's Hospital Ambassador (front) with his family -- left to right, Richard, Monica and Paul.
Jody Matthews, Captain of Team Spin Doctors (left) with Jeff Crisafulli, Steve Lopez and Steve Egan. Spin Doctors raised $89,122.61 with 167 riders. 2006 Children's Hospital Ambassador Anise Fletcher (left) with her mom Kim Johnson. Steve and Jennifer Sypal (left) with team Captain Heather Purcell and Billy Camping. Team Wheels of Justice has raised $146,496.97 this year and has 206 riders. Leslie McKay (left), Director of Special Events for Children's Hospital with Erika Sauerwein of Pure Brands and Angela Casolaro
Dominic Harden, a 2006 Children's Hospital Ambassador (front) with his brother Paul and sister Cecilia Team Courage -- Captain Robert Walter said that the amount raised by the team this year was approximately $8,500. There were 34 riders on the team this year.    
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