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August, 04 2007 - Rocky Mountain MS Center Bets on a Cure

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Bob Backus with Mary Ann Sullivan Laura Hartman with Larry Theil Chairman of the Board Adam Writer(right) with his brother Jason Writer and Miriah Wenzel Misti Turra, Adrine Writer and Elizabeth Hamilton
Miriah Karen and Hannah Wenzel Louis Messina, MS Center Guild President Ginny Mayers with her husband Larry Mayers John Barnes with Pam Buhl Karl Strasem (AKA Squaro), Maddie Franke (AKA Xeinie) planning committee member Suzanne Sime, Tyler Gattoni (AKA James Bond)planning committee member Mary Edwards and Lloyd Edwards
Director of Operations Kathy Haruf, research associate Erik Nilsen, and Chris Bansek In recognition of the gala's theme "Casino Royale 2007" some volunteers offered to dress as some favorite Bond characters. (from left to right) Karl Strasem, Maddie Franke, Tyler Gattoni, Miriah and Hannah Wenzel, and Drew Naftel Ray Najera, Mary Wright, and Anne Wright- Najera Chairman of the Board Adam Writer(right) with Jason and Diane Writer
(from left to right) Miriah Wenzel, Patty Spurway, Sandy Unrein, Ginny Messina, Sandee Walling, Michele Mayfield, Mary Edwards and Hannah Wenzel Auctioneer Kevin McNicholas, auction chair Mary McNicholas and Young Philanthropist award winner Sean McNicholas Danielle Hoskins, Humanitarian Award winner Marie Windlinger, Caley Hoskins and Jim Windlinger Jan and Dee Wisor with Sally and Larry Olsen
Chris Hopkins with Veronica Rodriguez Mellisa Francis with John Stephenson Aileen Marquez, Ken Kolb, and Chris Becker Sandy Autrey, Sue Goodin and Tom Stewart
Theresa Chambers with Bobby Ramirez Mary Lynn Grover with Doug Getchell Bob and Donna Carnicello with Tom Kowalski Chairman of the Board Adam Writer with Pat Robinson
Wendy and Lillian Cogdil Drew Naftel, Miriah Wenzel, Shaun Lally, Annalise Sorensen, Kevin McGovern, Katherine Buckley and Hannah Wenzel Chairman of the Board Adam Writer Auctioneer Kevin McNicholas
Auctioneer Kevin McNicholas with his wife and auction chair Mary McNicholas Fox 31's Steve Kelly Robert Sweeney (left) accepts the Organization that Cares award on behalf of the Kenneth King Foundation from Fox 31's Steve Kelly Chairman of the Board Adam Writer
Chairman of the Board Adam Writer congratulates Sean McNicholas after he accepts the young philanthropist award The 17th Avenue Allstars    
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