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October, 06 2007 - Masked Crusaders at CNI's Costumes for a Cause

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Guests Shopping for a Cause at the boutique Volunteers from CNI doll up to assist people browsing the silent auction goodies. Guys and Molls: Frank and Cheryl Baroni, Marc and Luanne Williams, Ginny and Louis Messina, Sandy Walling (front, stripes) Leo and Artemis Donian with CNI's President, Dr. Arenson and wife, Julianne. Dr. Arenson says "Bless You" for coming.
CNI founder, Dr. Gary Vander Ark and his wife, Phyllis make a striking royal couple. Polly and Bob Snow just docked the Black Pearl and are ready to plunder the auction's boutique. Dara Bassock and the Chairman of the Board (Doug Tisdale) headed for Vegas, baby. Real characters, Doug Tisdale, Jamie and Melanie Baker, Troy and Leigh Guard.
Steve and Sharon Cooper as the infamous Cesaer and Cleopatra. Looking for the Wizard - Molly Henning and Beth Sherman. Climbers from Rocky Mountain MS Center, Adam Writer, Lori Eddlemon, Kim Johnson and Sally Reed. Perry and Stephanie Odak turning heads.
Jan and Gil Hammond with a little Christmas Cheer at the door. Mr. and Mrs. Washington - Jamie and Al Angelich. Leo and Artemis Donian make a quick change. Frank Distel and Atchara Phanpaktra look darling tonight.
Thelma & Louise duo, Shannon Huehn and Blacktie columnist, Dahlia Weinstein. Brandis Becky-Pelletier and Steve Pelletier have each other's backs against Storm Troopers. Don and Barbara Rase enjoy the ballroom's panoramic view. Steve and Linda Heiss, Dr. Kim and Mona Baker chat before the evening begins.
Polar bears, "Klondike and Snow": Linda and Chuck Gumeson from the William and Marcia Thompson Functional Surgery Center. Streeter McClure holds his bunny, Jessica Cave. Dr. Rajeev Kumar and Riswan Quader talk with Dr. Ira Chang. Meet the Galoobs: Bruce, Amy, Austin and Barbara - your average stone-age family.
Deadringers for Thurston and Lovey (a.k.a. Jim Rhye and Tom Lorz.). Art & Sue Rancis - cigars, anyone? Does your snake bite? The Radiology Imaging Group
Parents of the Kent Denver school Amazing pipes from Moments Notice, singing "We are Family". Jerry Barnett & Moments Notice kept the festive mood going throughout the evening. Lead singers from Moments Notice scaling some high notes.
Master of Ceremonies, Ed Greene from CBS4. Chef Troy Guard and Leigh Sullivan-Guard "Hello, Darling!" Mary Winter, dressed as Dawn Denzer presents the evening's awards.
LaFawn Biddle receives the Dawn Denzer Community Leader Award from Mary Winter. Jamie Angelich, winning an appreciation award for all her hard work on the gala, dashes off stage. Just good people - Dan and Dori Hugo. Rhette and Scarlet share the first dance.
Doug Tisdale, funny and energetic auctioneer tonight, reminds bidders, "It's for CHARITY." Squeezing together for a close-up, Jan Harding, Carson and Sheila Thomson A very elegant Posh Spice and Beckham stomp down the runway. Light Sabers ready, Lea and Hans have the Force.
Mr. and Mrs. George Washington (the Angelichs) promenade for the People's Choice award. A bunny ain't no-bunny without her Hef. Marie Antoinette with her king glide down the catwalk. The Riccis won People's Choice best costumed couple for their excellent imitation of Gomez and Morticia Adams.
The cast (and boat) of Gilligan's Island includes Ginger's agent and the cruise director. Candidates for the People's Choice best costumed couple award line up on stage and take their bows (and summersaults). Brokeback Mountain Boys two-stepping round the ballroom. A Jesuit priest who happens to look like Sean Connery.
Bonnie & Clyde jitterbugging before their next caper. Willy Wonka and her favorite Oompa Loompa (Leigh and Troy). From the '70s could be Goldie Hawn. Dancers kept up the party as long as the band was playing.
Dance fever takes over this Disco Dan. What's got him so spooked - a big gorilla? Troy and Leigh Guard, gala chairs, receive an award. (Luanne Williams in foreground) Triple threat at the bidding table - these couples pooled together to win the dinner for 10 at Elway's.
Dressed as their favorite Bad Boys, K.C. Veio, Bradley Joseph, Phillip Gray and Tripp Keber, are here for a very good cause.      
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