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October, 13 2007 - The Harvest Moon Ball Swings, Slides and Rocks

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The stars shine over the Harvest Moon Ball Robert Anema with donor Sandy Skaggs Volunteers Renee Babkiewich and Carmen Owens Riley Grant with Ann Gilbert
Joe Raymar with co-chair Susan Martin Pat Robinson with Ted Fey Co-Chairs Marty Pickert and Susan Martin Sandy Schaeffer with Marty Pickert
Neil Edwards, left, with master of ceremonies Mark McIntosh Marie Grimsrod with Joe Gruber Launa Baker and Sue Hassan of Mar-Nad American Trade Co. Fiancees Tie Bova and Jerry Walker
Margarate and John Mel Heskins with Lindsay Woods A slow dance The Hostess with the Mostest: Marty Pickert
Instructors from the Mercury Cafe give a dance lesson Ladies on the left, gentlemen on the right With each song, a new partner Always room for a spin
Rose, Dave and Jane Dancing under the Harvest Moon Some take their dancing very seriously Others don't
Lisa and Sinda with the famous couples' baskets Duncan and Diane,,,,,romance? Pam Hughes sings "The Way You Look Tonight" Definitely romance
Pam Hughes and Dejo sing "The Evening Prayer" He's thinking "how did I get so lucky?" John Burnett with Diana Setzke The quesadilla bar kept the dancers energized
Dance for joy Dancing with style Farrell Woods, A Sharp DJ Service, ( Marty Pickert with Micheal Troop and Elizabeth Moffat
Dancing to her own tune Marty Pickert with Gioseppe Leone Mark McIntosh, CEO of Camp Fire USA (Central) and TV Host of KNUS 9, Colorado & Company Fancy Footwork
Teamwork marks the door prize portion of the evening Door prize conductors Marty, Elizabeth Moffat and Tammy Mathias Dance the night away  
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