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November, 02 2007 - Wings Over the Rockies Spreads Its Wings Around, Above & Beyond

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Guests check in for the Spreading Wings Gala Neil Karolos and Melinda McConnell John & Maren Francis join Neil Karolos and Melinda McConnell There seemed to be a wayward pilot flying above the crowd.
Chuck & Ursula Zimkas, Julie Howell (front) with Holly & Tim Roberts Lance and Ben Weaver appear to be captured by a storm trooper. Judy & Steve Growth with Harry Blout Guests were able to test a glider simulator.
Dick Rutan (left) with Julie Blankenship, Joe Thibodeau, and John & Carole France Joan Underwood with Bill & Linda Scott. Bill is the author of Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III Michelle Nicholson with Barrington Irving and DeAngela Franklin Ray & Angie Houston (left) with Dennis Lacy and Celeste & Dennis Koontz
Cora & Austin Klahn with Sam & Bob Stedman Bob Stedman and Wings Over The Rockies Museum President Greg Anderson Suzanne Hagen (left) with Emily Warner and General John France. Emily was the first commercial woman pilot in the U.S, now retired. Nancy McCurdui and board member John Knudsen
Ron & Patti Pitcock Terry & Carlie Barnhart (left) and Jody & David Dickerson John Brackney (left) and Brain Bartony (right) take a photo op with photographer Shaun 84-yr.-old retired B17 Guman, Casey Clark and Wayne Fowler swap stories
Wayne Fowler (left) with Casey Clark and Trudy Fowler David Diaz-Infante, former Bronco player and now with KOA sports radio, with board member Rod Atherton and Kurt Holzkamp with SVN Equities LLC Now this is a fun auction item. Grace & John Bond. John helped start the museum.
Angela Holzkamp (left) and Ali Brodie The special guests and their escort prepare for the evening's program. Dan Stansbury and Emily Watson are ready to take on the world. The evening's emcee, Gregg Moss of 9News welcomes everyone to the Spreading Wings Gala.
Major General John France is the first to be escorted in. Harold Smethills and his escort Harry T Lewis Jr. and his two escorts Joe Thibodeau is ushered in
Emily Warner and her escort Lisa Williams and escort Co-chair Barrington Irving and DeAngela Franklin Dick Burton and a handsome young escort
The line-up of special guests These gentlemen sang the national anthem Mrs. Peggy Fossett and her escort after the singing of the national anthem Major General John France speaks to the crowd first and then offers a prayer.
Board Chairman, Harold Smethills talks about the Wings Over The Rockies Museum. Next to address the crowd was CEO Greg Anderson. The very lively and entertaining, "Sound of the Rockies" Mens Choir The choir sang a number of uplifting songs.
These guys were full of energy and spirit. A tune from the Music Man - "Trouble in River City" Harry T. Lewis Jr. spoke about the museum's mission. Emcee Gregg Moss gets the live auction underway.
We have a volunteer to bid on ..... everything! First auction item, a personal ride in a B-17. Gregg works the room. Congratulations to the winning bidder.
After the live auction, Reynaldo Zavala spoke of his very positive experience with the Barrington Irving Program. DeAngela Franklin shared her dream as one of the Wings Summer Campers. Gregg Moss leads the "raise your paddle for kids" bids. There were many guests ready to give to the kids.
A very impressive young man, Barrington Irving, shares his inspirational story. Dick Rutan steps up to speak and offers a toast. Audience members who have or are currently serving in the military were asked to stand. Dick Rutan talks about the evening's honoree, Steve Fossett.
A video was shown about the life of Steve Fossett. Steve Fossett with Richard Branson, who did a video tribute to Steve. This evening was a night to honor Steve Fossett. Mrs. Peggy Fossett is escorted to the stage to accept an award for her husband, Steve Fossett.
Peggy Fossett says a few words of thanks. Dick Rutan, Peggy Fossett and Barrington Irving The room was filled with applause for Peggy and Steve Fossett. Spreading Wings - Around, Above & Beyond.
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