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November, 15 2007 - All Rise - The 5th Annual Judicial Excellence for Colorado is Now in Session

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Valeri Pappas and Patrick Kanouff Nancy Peterson (left), Riley Madden and Jim Bailey Michael Brooks (left), Mary Wells, and the Honorable Bob Fullerton Jim Nelson and and Carol Roslund
Katie Dix (left) along with Jeff Elsner and Melissa Monheim Patricia Fogg and Kevin Kuhn Carrie Chaille and Max Eckstein Anthony Vaida (left), Jonathan Decker and Laurence McHeffey
Mary and Joe Mellon Tim and Sue Damour Honorable Steve Briggs (left), Chuck Turner and David Furgason Hon. and Mrs. James B. Breese
Honorable Jay Breese and Honorable Roxanne Bailin. Both are recipients of the 2007 Judicial Excellence Awards All three 2007 recipients of the Judicial Excellence Award are from left: Honorable Jay Breese, Honorable Roxanne Bailin and Honorable Dinsmore Tuttle. Rich Gabriel (left), Honorable Jay Breese and Sheila Gutterman Colorado Lawyer Committee member Connie Talmage
Gordon Butz - Colorado Judicial Institute Board Member From left: Suzanne Griffiths, Sheila Gutterman and Ellie Greenberg Sue and Doug Phillips are the owners of Plum Creek Winery, who donated the wines for dinner Kimberly Cronin with the Sturm College of Law at University of Denver
Tom and Marilyn Quinn From left: Honorable Bob Kapelke, Honorable Bruce Campbell, Honorable Bob Fullerton and Ellie Greenberg Manny and Ellie Greenberg Ellie Greenberg
Ricky Benjamin and Nicki Wenz Rico Munn (left) Ricky Benjamin and Nicki Wenz Gale T. Miller opening the ceremony and thanking all who helped put the event together Gale T. Miller introducing Mark Fogg one of the guest speakers
Mark Fogg was one of the keynote speakers and thanked all who helped put this together. He also introduced a video from Governor Bill Ritter. Mark Fogg spoke about what it takes to win this award. He explained how this is an award that is voted on by the peers of the judges. On behalf of Governor Bill Ritter (who unfortunately could not be there), Deputy Chief of Staff Stephanie Villafuerte spoke to the audience about the need to recognize the recipients and the need to do the right thing for the citizens. Deputy Chief of Staff Stephanie Villafuerte
Constance Talmage, who was one of the presenters for the 2007 Judicial Excellence Award The first winner was Magistrate - Honorable Dinsmore Tuttle The next award is presented by Ralph Torres The Honorable James B. Breese accepts his award from Constance Talmage
The Honorable James B. Breese with his award The last award is presented to the Honorable Roxanne Bailin Constance Talmage congratulates the Honorable Roxanne Bailin  
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