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November, 28 2001 - Holiday Shopping for a Great Cause

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Power shoppers M.J. Powers, left, Joy Johnson, Sarah Hunt and Wendy Lee make a stylish lineup. The four are heavily involved in volunteer work for Children's. Dave Morton with Children's Hospital patrons (and primo shoppers) Margot Gilbert Frank and Alan Frank. Jennifer Brown did her part for the cause! Susan Brown, left, and Ruth Ann Wagner waited until the 28th to shop "so the money would go for a good cause," said Susan. We can't say what Susan bought (and ruin a Christmas surprise?) but some lucky man in her life has alligator in his future.
Children's Hospital Cancer Center Ambassadors Meaghan Cusack, left, Danielle Hosford and Lacey Henderson charmed guests with their lovely faces and their outgoing personalities. Tonya Everist surrounds herself in beauty. Andrew Skaff, left, and J.P. Strate are models from Donna Baldwin. "Tonya's using THAT photo for her Christmas cards!" quipped one envious onlooker. Andrisen Morton at 3rd Avenue and St. Paul in Cherry Creek North offered a cozy refuge on a cold November night. Craig Andrisen attracts a crowd as he expounds on the virtues of one of his favorite men's slacks. Cashmere, leather and outerwear were popular at the Special Shopping Evening benefit.
Guests Cassandra Gerfen, left, and Nancy Glover Rhonda Vickers (in green) wasted no time in bagging her prey Holly Hutto, left, and Beth Jackman, a trustee of the Harmon Foundation Kathy Hagen Brown of Hagan Communications, left, Holly Hutto and Rhonad Vickers
"Adolescent oncology is a rare bird," Dr. Brian Greffe, a staff oncologist at Children's Hospital Cancer Center, told the guests. "These patients can fall through the cracks -- they don't have as great a (cure) rate as younger patients. That's why proceeds from tonight will go toward an adolescent center." Celebs at the Special Shopping Evening were Danielle Hosford, left, Neal Hutchinson, Meaghan Cusack and Lacey Henderson. Back row, co-host and purveyor of fine men's clothing, Dave Morton, Dr. Brian Greffe, and Craig Andrisen, co-host and other half of Andrisen Morton. Danielle Hosford poses with a model citizen Craig Andrisen gives M.J. Powers the scoop on wool vests.
Craig Andrisen helps Sean Schmitt with a knit shirt. Sean is one of Children's biggest supporters. Done! With her shopping out of the way, Sean Schmitt can relax for the night. Fran Williams has a tough time deciding whether to go with a Bobby Jones vest. Kent Coleman is Andrisen Morton's newest sales associate. Fran is a member of the Children's Hospital Cancer Center board. Melissa Brown, left, with Tonya Everist , both from the Children's Hospital Foundation. Melissa left the store with "a couple shirts and a tie."
Staffing the check-out counters at Andrisen Morton were Micky Adams, left, Tara Trapani, and Lindsay Morton. Nancy Clark, left, with Susan Sterniak Exhausted shoppers cap the evening with a glass of chablis  
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