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March, 05 2008 - Denver Public Schools Foundation Hosts an Evening Dedicated to Achievement

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Greeters from Denver public schools Students welcoming and directing guests A Denver student showing guests where to go Pam Coen, left, Barbara Berv and Natalie Wilkins
Sandy Graham, left, Brad Jupp and Blair Johnson Van Schoales, left, and Superintendent Michael Bennet Jaime Aquino, left, John Kechriotis and Maureen Kechriotis Jessica Mclleon, left, Tracie Papantones, Gretchen Gruber and Jennifer Johnson
Matt Chavkin, left, Theresa Pena, Bruce Hoyt and Heidi Hoyt Cole Finegan, left, and John Huggins Michael Ault, left, Sarah Ault, Anne O'Brien, Chaille Cummings and Janelle Geypens Kathleen Demarco, left, Mimi Roberson, Dr. Reginald Washington, Kenneth Demarko and Ed Roberson
Betty Lott, left, Marcy Smith and Rachel Payne Bob and Suzanne Fanch with Tom Boasberg Eileen Hyatt, left, Erna Butler and Nancy Accetta Ralph Christie and Greg Symons
Mikel Royal, left, Candice Reese, Kelli Varney, Monica Dilts, Pam Mheill and Ladawn Baity Tim McNerne, Sandra Just and Danny Showers Darla Daniel, Bob Swift and Chris Maliff Melanie Byers and Connie Feist
Marian Messner and Rich Sinclair Lamar Wilson, left, Judith Alexander, Debbie Blair-Minter and Lou Ann Gilhooly Allen and Yana Smith Scott Gorsky and Angelica Rauenzahn
Mijung Lombardi, left, James Perez Foster, Petra Hrachovan and Marlene Wade Janet Matthews, left, Cindy Miller, Sally Edwards and Merida Fraguada Bill Kohut and Nancy Werkmeister Susan and Richard Schermerhorn, left, with Art and Cheryl Karstaedt
Benita Golterman, left, Janice Campbell, Ann Poucher, Jim Campbell, Joe Golterman Laurie Veldhuizen, left, and Betsy Cheroutes James Larkin, left, Justin Dicken and Ellen Grosso Jenny and Joe Freeman
Kory Mitchell and Meg Satron Jeannie Kaplan, left, Kerry Moss and Michelle Moss Frank Roti, left, Deb Heier, Juan Osorio and Audrey Bourgeois Randy Haines, left, Rafael Bustillo, Dr. Ed Roberson and Mimi Roberson
Bev Sloan, left, Penfield Tate, Paulette Grant and Donna Lynne Tony Bolazina, left, Amy Bolazina, Mariner Kemper and Megan Kemper Brian Klipp, left, Don Cannalte and Gwin Johnston Gary Van Ausdall, left, Byron Ballantyne and Sarah Ballantyne
Frank Tijerina, left, Michelle Trujillo and Brian Quintana Jane Crisler, left, Leslie Mitchell and Brooke Johnson Leslie Leinwand and Michael Yarus Mary Kay Buckius, left, Diane Smith and Ken Buckius
Veronica Benavidez, left, Cheryl Lydon and Patti Kincaid Ryan Rhinehart, left, Mary Rhinehart, Todd Rabo and Diane Rabo Johnna Hoff, left, Mark Wiggins and Christine Maneris Sis Carroll, left, John Britz, Phil Gonring, Monolo Gonzalez and Brian Barhaugh
Gwen Ashbaugh and Patrick Mooney Andy Boian, left, Justin Ball and Kelly Boyce with the surprise Tiffany's bags Ray Griffin, left, Myles McNicholas, Dave Howe and Christina Burton Scott Springer, left, Linee Perroncel and Heelaine Marberry
Rab Preer, left, Dawn Zilch and Eileen Hart Marleen Wade, left, Chris Ross and Kristi Palmer Mary Pat Link and John Strohm Casey Fisher and Alex Bork
Linda Lister, left, Marcia Toll, Gregg Rippey and Eileen Headrick Colleen Ross, left, Les Lindauer, Jerry Wartgow and Diane Wartgow Stan Dempsey and Steve Welchert Senator Chris Romer, left, Matt Rush, Craig Mueller and Jean Mueller
Gully Stanford, left, Dorothy Denny, Annie Patterson, Joe Blake and John Schafer. Montbello High School drum line Drummer from Montbello High School Montbello High School drum line performs
David Bridgeforth, Montbello High School student, performs a rap Montbello High School student, Bryan Johnson, performs a rap Donna Lynne and Cole Finegan Elaine Gantz Berman delivers a tribute to outgoing DPS Foundation Board Chair Bruce Benson.
Bruce Benson Tap dancers from Denver School of the Arts Mayor John Hickenlooper, Bruce Benson, Barbara Berv and Governor Bill Ritter A tap dance performed by students of Denver School of the Arts
Mayor John Hickenlooper with table mates Erin Walker, Miriam Barraza and Janet Luna from Bruce Randolph School Ryan and Mary Rhinehart with First Lady Jeannie Ritter and Governor Bill Ritter Mayor John Hickenlooper with Bruce Benson Mayor John Hickenlooper
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