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May, 07 2008 - Colorado Neurological Institute 2007 Hope Awards Celebration

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Lucille "Lucky" Gallagher (l), CNI board member, with Scott Barnes, CNI Financial Director and Dr. Peter Ricci, also a board member Chip Boykin (l) and Marc Williams, Arvada City Council Mary Ellen Norwood (l), Heather Jensen and Wade Jensen MD, with CNI Dr. Marcus Keep with Swedish Neurosurgical (l) and Luanne Williams, Executive Director of CNI and Dr. Kirsten Bracht, Neurologist with CNI
Silvia Maranian (l) with Artemis Khadiwala-Donian and Leo Donian, Jameela and Armen Khadiwala Wayne & Kay Muir (l) with Lisa McDaniel and Jim O'Hara John O'Dell (l) with Julie Arenson, Charlie Wolf and Kathy Wolf Kaye & Doug Kayser
Beth & Bob Isern Bob Harston (l) with Theron & Sonya Bell Nell & Roland Muhrer with Luanne Williams (center) Jackie & John Dendahl
Judy Winter (l) with Carlyle Montelius and Kathy Christie Chuck & Kathy Funayama Maybelle Davey (l) and Carol Murray Don & Arlene Johnson
Kitty & Don Gregg Vickie Dow (l) Lorraine Salazar Warren & Helen Hanks Gretchen & Cal Pope
Guests are welcomed to the 2007 Hope Awards celebration CNI Executive Director Luanne Williams welcomes guests The evening's youngest award recipient, Matthew Bacher (center) with Nanette Thompson (l) and his mom, Cindy Bacher Sisters Judy Meyers and Janet Rafferty, one of last year's Hope Award recipients
Doug Tisdale Esq., CNI Chairman of the Board, served as emcee for the awards ceremony. It was a full room of supporters for the CNI Hope Awards ceremony. Guests viewed a video featuring Cindy Acree, who has battled with epilepsy for 14 years and for whom the Hope Awards are named. Cindy Acree is introduced by Doug Tisdale.
Cindy Acree shares her heartwarming story. Guests were moved to a standing ovation for Cindy's story and words of hope. A few past Hope Award recipients were acknowledged. Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Medical Director for the CNI Movement Disorders Center, is the first to introduce one of his patients and the first Hope Award honoree.
Hope Award honoree Jerre Snyder is escorted to the stage by Kim Martin. Jerre Snyder shares his story. His award is from the Movement Disorders Center. Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Jerre Snyder and Cindy Acree Dr. David C. Kelsall, Medical Director for the CNI Center for Hearing, introduces Matthew Bacher for the Center for Hearing Hope Award
Matthew Bacher hangs onto his award as he prepares to talk to the audience. Matthew Bacher charms the audience with his short but sweet speech. Daniel C. Huddle DO, from CNI’s Interventional Neuroradiology Service (l) and Dr. Alexander West MD, PhD, from CNI’s NeuroTrauma Center, introduce the next award recipient. Hope Award recipient Katie Cox shares a smile as she accepts her award.
Katie Cox shares her touching story of survival. Katie's mom, Paula Cox (l) with Katie and Cindy Acree Dr. Edward B. Arenson, Medical Director for the CNI Center for Brain & Spinal Tumors, gives a hug to Cindy as he takes the stage. Dr. Edward B. Arenson shares his entertaining story of meeting the next honoree.
Hope Award recipient Louise Poppen is escorted by Dr. Wade Jensen Louise Poppen is all smiles as she receives her award from Cindy Acree. Dr. Edward B. Arenson, Louise Poppen and Cindy Acree Louise Poppen shares her wonderful sense of humor as she tells her story.
Louise Poppen lightens up the room with her enthusiastic energy. The audience is absolutely delighted by Louise Poppen. Louise Poppen gets a little more serious as she shares her story of survival. Dr. Edward B. Arenson, Medical Director for the CNI Center for Brain & Spinal Tumors, also recieved an award.
Doug Tisdale, Dr. Edward B. Arenson and Luanne Williams The Founding Members of the CNI Legacy Society are honored on screen. Matthew Bacher's grandfather makes the first donation for the event's paddle raiser. Doug Tisdale plays auctioneer and gets the paddle raiser going.
The room gets active as the paddle raiser gets going. Luanne Williams and Doug Tisdale thank the guests for their generous donations and support. Luanne Williams presents Doug Tisdale with a special pen for his contribution and support.  
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