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June, 13 2008 - A Perfect Day for Salt on the Rim

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Harvey and Joanne Sender Gary and Gayle Ray, left, with Jackie Forker, Vickie Dow, Mary Shay and Alan Forker Catherine Kornrust and Bob Brooks Leo and Linda Goto
Kempe Foundation Alliance CEO Jesse Wolff and Ren Cannon Kalen Thompson and Nicole Gruber serve up some great Mexican dishes, compliments of Lime Restaurant. Owner Pam Savage is in the background. Lori Eidenschink, left, Kempe's Genia Larson, Mae Desaire, Val Traina and Molly Wolff Jesse Wolff and Betty Peterson, who graciously provided her gorgeous garden for the party
Nick and Debbie Lepestos, left, with Miriam Abreu, Jeneane and John Furstenberg Event chair Virginia Bray and Lyn Schaffer, President of the Kempe Foundation Alliance Chair Virginia Bray, left, with co-chair Jan Brooks Jill DiPasquale, left, (last week named "Woman of the Year" by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society), event food chair Miriam Abreu and event chair Virginia Bray
Some gorgeous flowers, both real and otherwise, adorn this beautiful, unique garden paradise Georgia Imhoff, left, with Ginny Messina Jesse Wolff and Robert Clark Lou Bindner, left, Larry Schaap and Eric Bindner volunteered as bartenders
Jaylene Smith, left, and Cindi Burge Ben Sender and Emily Hammad Marie Belew Wheatley, President and CEO of American Humane Assn., left, and Pam Kelker, interior designer for one of the Kempe villas Michael Scanlon, left, David Larkworthy, Tom Napolilli and Tim Donahue served up some great drinks and conversation
Lynn Vagi, left, chef and owner, and Shannon Roecker, sous chef, of Your Way Gourmet Lyn and Paul Simmons Marilyn Neukirch, left, and Mary Nice Brian Rossi, left, and Roberto Diaz served up some delicious dishes, compliments of Mezcal and Tambien
Sherry and Rob Clark, left, and John and Judy Robinson Jon and Teri Kruljac, left, and Kempe Center's Executive Director, Dr. Rob Clyman Denise Yinger and Stephen Anderson Bill and Phyllis Stewart
Steve and Jan Nevers, left, and Amy and Tom Mulholland Walt Imhoff chats with Bob Brooks Mike Schaffer talks with Sally Nellessen A colorful trio: Judy Wharton, left, Janice Pearson and Joann Schaffer
Marta Welch, left, with Cheryl Beals and Susan Grebow Vicki Gregory, left, and Peggy Hector Guests mobbed the great silent auction offerings Kempe Foundation Alliance President Lyn Shaffer and Kempe's Lindsey Zimmerman get ready for some presentations
Lyn Shaffer introduces some of the guests and VIPs Jason Boyer of CW2 was once again the emcee for the evening Meterologist Jason Boyer served up the perfect weather this year Co-chair Jan Brooks, left, and chair Virginia Bray say a few words of thanks
Jan Brooks, left, and Virginia Bray share a chuckle Jan Brooks, left, and Virginia Bray say thank you to hostess Betty Peterson Jan Brooks and Virginia Bray present a thank you gift to Betty Peterson for hosting the party Jan Brooks, left, Virginia Bray and Betty Peterson
Jan Brooks proposes a toast to Betty Peterson (right) as Virginia Bray joins in Jan Brooks said a few words of thanks to supporters Food chair Miriam Abreu, who with Nancy Koontz did a great job arranging for several restaurants to serve specialties Kempe Foundation Allliance President and CEO Jesse Wolff says a few words
Jesse Wolff talks about the programs at the Kempe Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Supporter Ryta Sondergard made a great auctioneer Alliance board president-elect Ryta Sondergard ratchets up the bids Ken Dueck, left, with Leslie Hansen and Nathan Chambers
Lisa and Dr. Lynn Taussig Barbara and John McClure Mary McNicholas helped round up auction bids Paul Negan, Executive Chef for Zink (new in the Doubletree Denver Tech Center) served up some great dishes, here being sampled by Kathy Arent
Food co-chair Nancy Koontz, left, with Wenda Dueck Nancy Koontz, left, with Stanzi Lucy Volunteers ready for action There were many great supporters
Valerie Lobue, left, Kathy Arent, Virginia Bray, Sharon and Alex Sena Gene and Kathy Wiggs, left, Lou Bindner and Virginia Bray John and Judy Robinson, left, with Alma Bray and her daughter, event chair Virginia Bray Virginia Bray, left, with Eric Bindner and Bob Durham
Steve and Darcy Beard--Darcy was president of the Alliance two years ago Nancy Koontz, left, and Virginia Bray    
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