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November, 30 2001 - "Cancer League Wants YOU!"

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Fresh recruits Rosalie Margolis, left, and Carrie Fell are heading up this year's Cancer League 2002 Spring Gala May 11 at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. .. An Officer and a Gentlewoman. Jane Mayberry, left, is co-chair of the gala's silent auction, and Carol Hansen is president of the Cancer League of Colorado. Behind-the-scenes powerhouse Tui Kenny with KHOW gabman Peter Boyles. Tui, co-chair of the kick-off party, collared her media pals, including Peter, to model at the event. Foxy Bev Church, left, with her close friends Margie and Bill O'Bryan, and Mort Marks in a killer ostrich jacket
Rob and Cheryl Balgley. Cheryl chairs the gala silent auction. Popular Dr. Max and Diane Barrett Elizabeth Abbott, left, and Melany Hunt are Carrie Fell's fetching mom and sister! The Cancer League kick-off is one event Leo and Linda Goto, left, always make a point to attend. With them is Roberta Johnson, sporting a terrific new 'do.
Roberta Johnson, left, chats with Linda, president elect of the League. Mark Korell with real estate empress Edie Marks Two young chicks out on the town, Judy Schwartz, left, and Marty Meitus, with male model Peter Boyles. Marty "The Meitus Touch" Meitus and Bill Husted met years and years ago at the Rocky Mountain News
Gary Pirosko, left, Tammy Bass of Cherry Creek Shopping Center, and Michael Hosteng. Grant Carey, left, fresh-from-LA Julie Hullverson (she's a script writer) and Mitchell Powers. Jane Mayberry sails down the catwalk Lionel "The Lion-Hearted" Bienvenue in a smashing suede jacket from Austin-Hauke
Man of Bon Mots Bill Husted of the Denver Post emceed the kickoff fashion show The dark and mysterious Les Shapiro looked irresistable in this beautifully cut trench coat. Steve Guenin may have kept the best stuff for himself. Here he models a drop-dead formal silk jacket. KHOW's Peter Boyles, a newcomer to the catwalk, charmed the crowd with his wide-eyed innocence
When it comes to fashion, Bill "The General" Husted is always on the front lines Steve Guenin models an elegant white dinner jacket. Edie Marks has her eye on this one for Mort. There was no escaping the paperazzi. "We raise a half-million dollars a year for cancer research," League President Carol Hansen tells the crowd. The Cancer League is unusual in that it has no paid staff, but accomplishes all its work through volunteers.
Cancer League Fly Girls Carol Hansen, left, Rosalie Margolis, Linda Kozar and Carrie Fell Lisa Clawson, left, and Amy Baxter, members of Morton's impeccable wait staff, poured wine at the kickoff. Carol Hansen and her partner dance to a little Glenn Miller. Eric Hansen, left, (League President Carol's better half), Gayle Rogers and Don Nex. Gayle is heading up the silent auction for the spring gala.
Popular Rocky Mountain News columnists Judy Schwartz, left, and Marty Meitus talk shop with Channel 7 sports anchor Lionel Bienvenue. Volunteer model Lionel Bienvenue, Channel 7 sports anchor, and his pretty wife Heidi Vickie Dow and Sherry Huntsinger Pamela Joffe, left, with Eric Head and Deborah Russell
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