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June, 12 2008 - Smart-Girl Good Guy Roundup

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Cheryl Schaden, left, Debra McKenney, Nicky Marone and Sameen Noorvlamin Jacob and Jillian Barnes Brownwyn trying to rope herself a steel bull Katrina trying her hand at bullriding
Brownwyn, left, Cynthia and Skelly Emily and Lisa Jackson Nicky Marone, left, and Debra Gano Ella, left, and Debra Gano
Ellese, left, Chuck McKenney, Debra McKenney and Katie Mike Schaden, left, Jack, Jennifer Schaden and Carolyn Schaden Stephanie Ohnmacht, left, and Edric Starbird Phillip Infelise, left, and Gioia
Maggie and Steve Parker Mr. & Mrs. Schaden David Burgess, left, with Christine Soda Brooke and Ingrid prepare to get westernized
Live auction item donated by Debra Gano Renata on live auction item Lisa Atencio bidding on auction item Heather Grimshaw, left, Ern Landeck, Randy Sanson, Chris Caroselli
Donated auction item of family portaits Jackie Edwards, left, and Dan Doyle Katie Truettner, left, Nicky Marone, Mandy Jeffries Elisabeth Cortese, left, Jane Archer, Molly, Jennifer Hallam and Charlie
Funny Farm Jumping participants Manuel operating the All 4 Fun jumping house Alex, left, Sam, Edie and Marlowe Debra McKinney, welcoming the Smart-Girl audience
Debra McKinney and Cheryl Schaden Susie Wargin of 9 News emcees the Smart-Girl fundraiser Susie Wargin gets the Smart-Girl event off to a great start Nicky Marone introducing one of the honoree Frank Gonzales
Debra McKinney honoring her husband Chuck McKinney Chuck McKinney accepting award Smart-Girl representative, Alma Lantz, presenting award to noteworthy father Edric Starbird accepting award
Smart-Girl representative presenting award to noteworthy father Bill Stevenson Mrs. Stevenson accepting award for her husband Bill Stevenson Smart-Girl advocate speaks to the crowd about her experiences Traci Brown presenting live auction information
Michelle Rourke presenting live auction information Lannie Garrett (as Patsy DeCline) Lannie Garrett gets the night off to a entertaining start Lannie Garrett (as Patsy DeCline) and her lively band
Lannie Garrett (as Patsy DeCline) Festive Lannie Garrett (as Patsy DeCline) posing for the camera    
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