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June, 12 2008 - Goodwill Volunteers Rock!

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Brad Bolton and Donna Riegner pose with the one and only Cher Lou Arellano and Leann Schmitz Ladies and gentlemen...Elvis is in the building Rocker "Cyndi Lauper" (left) makes an appearance with Emily Evans and Kristi Esbenshade
Shana Critchlow (l), with King Soopers, and Sarah Tarlini, a Goodwill volunteer Karen & Michael Kallenberg, left, Ruth Ann Kallenberg as Cher, and Maryhellen Kanani, a Goodwill volunteer Sarah Lynch (l) with Jacqui Vestal and Lorri Salyards Benji Goodrich, Kerri O'Brian and Holly Walker
Paul Langford (l) and Lou Arellano Sophia Conti (l), Alison Oyler, Kelly Hofer as Cyndi Lauper and Leann Schmitz Bill & Cindy Kaelber with Joseph Salas and Linda Naranjo Felix Garcia (l) and Kaliko Oligo with Denver University Dept. of Labor and Employment
Norma Mock (l) with Denver Sheriff Dept., Lewis Kelly, Denver Fire Dept., Trail Daugherty, Anthony Leberman and Shana Critchlow The room is ready to rock with the Goodwill "Volunteers Rock" awards breakfast. Paul Chavez, one time radio emcee with Jammin'92 and Tri-Colore, plays emcee once again at the Goodwill Volunteers Awards breakfast Joyce Schlose, Vice President of Workforce Development, welcomes the morning's attendees.
Claude Harris, a Goodwill facilitator at Montbello High School talks about new programs at East and Montbello High Schools A few rock stars made their appearance to this Rockin' Awards breakfast: Cyndi Lauper (aka Kelly Hofer) , Cher (aka Ruth Ann Kallenberg) and Elvis ( aka Brian Pontius) Paul Chavez prepares for the first awards, the Platinum Partner Awards The awards are ready to be presented by some really big rock stars.
The first Platinum Award was given to Intertech Plastics for the impact they have made through mentoring programs with Goodwill. Elvis presents an award to the gang from Cricket Communications for their all around support. The team from AXA Advisors receives a Platinum Award for the company's many volunteers who get involved with mentoring programs Benji Goodrich from Great West Life is awarded for volunteering over 45 hours last year.
Shana Critchlow, a human resources recruiter with King Soopers, receives her award. Accepting the award on behalf of Roger Olds is his daughter Rachel. Roger Olds, an independent associate with Pre-paid legal services is honored for giving over 60 hours of volunteer service. The guests were entertained with a comical performance from the Goodwill Student Advisory Council titled the "Let's Get a Job Show"
These three "job applicants" explain their last job - "Angela - the personal shopper," "Destiny - the pet groomer" and "Chris - the customer service representative." Kipp Kramer with Cricket Communications plays the role of Mr. Harry Harrington, ready to hire one of the three students to work at his "wig emporium." Chris demonstrates that the secret to a successful interview is being prepared with the help of a mock interview from a Goodwill volunteer. Kipp Kramer as Mr. Harrington and Non Urban, Volunteer Coordinator, continue the mock interview.
Ed Vaughn receives a Hall of Fame Award for over five years of volunteer service as a mentor Sheri King has been mentoring since 1999 and receives an award for her service - from the King. Jamie Mullholland receives a Hall of Fame award for her dedication as a mentor. Darla Guy, who was unable to attend the breakfast, received a Hall of Fame award for her five years of service.
Just graduating from High School, Akua Pokua Nuako, shares her experience with Goodwill. Akua also is a recipient of the Daniel's Fund. Kelly Hofer, as Cyndi Lauper is ready to present the next award, the Solid Gold Award. Jared Maestas receives the Solid Gold Award for his passion and dedication. Lewis Kelly from the Denver Fire Department receives an award for over two years of amazing volunteer service with Goodwill.
Meghan Van Portfliet uses her ability to speak a number of different languages when mentoring students. She also received the Solid Gold Award. Paul Chavez chats with Elvis Brian Pontius as Elvis draws a winning name for a two-night stay at the Curtis Hotel Kipp Kramer with Cricket Communications is the winner of the two-night Curtis Hotel stay.
A final photo as Paul Chavez poses with rockers, Elvis (Brian Pontius) Cher ( Ruth Ann Kallenberg) and Cyndi Lauper ( Kelly Hofer)      
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