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October, 17 2008 - Humphrey Bogart helps raise money for Safehouse Denver

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Auctioneer Norm Early got the bids going Auctioneer Norm Early working the crowd Cade and Ingrid Nagy Captain Joe Montoya welcomes everyone
Captain Joe Montoya says a few words of thanks for supporters Clint and Joy Wood. Denver Police Captain Joe Montoya along with CEO of Safehouse Denver Victoria McVicker and Dora-Lee Larson Jerry and Sandra Mann (Sandra is the Community Investment Manager for United Way)
Jerry Barnett led the way to dinner with his trombone Joan and Captain Joe Montoya Judge Brian Campbell with the Carolyn Hamil-Henderson Memorial Award Kristi Palmer
Left - Alice File, Don Mares, Victoria McVicker (CEO for Safehouse) Left - Angie Hunt and Natriece Bryant Left - Ashley Golder, Charles Golder and Chris Sarauf Left - Cheryl Campbell, Brian Campbell and Kelly Campbell
Left - Cheryl Campbell, Brian Campbell, Kelly Campbell and Victoria McVicker Left - Danny Showers and Brian Mikulich provided music during the cocktail hour Left - Dora-Lee Larson and Michelle Hannigan Left - Ian and Karen Wolf, Stephanie Feuer and Norman Friedman
Left - Jen Callahan and Kelly Stava Left - Kelly Belue, Julie Mansfield, Kristi Palmer and Jason Anderson Left - Natalie Wikins, Victoria McVicker and Kristi Palmer Left - Nicole Ramirez and Natalie Wilkins
Left - Noelle Wilson and Kristen Gatrost Left - Steve Seigal and Judge Brian Campbell Left - Steve Seigal presents the Carolyn Hamil-Henderson Memorial Award to Judge Brian T. Campbell Left - Tiffanie Bleau, Natriece Bryant, Melissa Drazen Smith and Angela Hunt
Lydia Waligorski with the display-- take a walk in my shoes Megan Glan and Gary Carnes - aka Humphrey Bogart Natalie Wikins (left) and Kristi Palmer Norman Friedman and Stephanie Feuer
Fred Baumann, Managing Partner of Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP Pete and Meredith Coors Robert Salazar and Heather Elliott Steve Seigal says a few words
Steve Seigal presents award to Judge Brian Campbell Steve Seigal presenting awards Susan Noble is recognizing the law firm of Rothberger Johnson & Lyons LLP Susan Noble says thanks
Teresa Cavellero and Alex Torres Tom and Cherri Marfil Upon entering the event the lights created magic on the floor Victoria McVicker
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