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November, 08 2008 - Cocktails & Karaoke Brings Out Hidden Talents (Or Not)

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Paula Friedland, left, Dan Rich and Susan Rich Jerry McHugh, left, Gordon Smith and Annabel McHugh Laura & Paul Lhevinne Bob Halderman and Susan Holt
Angie Stone, left, and Cristen Snelling Greg Lampan selecting a song to sing Shelly James, left, and Ann Patrick Bree Smith at the refreshment table
Brian Heinze grabbing a quick snack Jim Freas, left, Allison Jernigan, Michelle Freas and Linda Reid Jennifer Lacey, left and Katherin Schwartz Julie Mallon and Brian Heinze
Dr. Larry Spivak getting ready to perform Just married, Brian and Dana Parks Brian Parks, left Dana Parks, Katie Frisch and Zach Frisch Lisa Wrolstad, left, Lynda Labozon, and Josh
Molly Greenblatt, left, Chris Welch and Gary Schwartz Tom Grady enjoying some finger food John Butler and Lisa Halderman Kevin Field, left, Val Carroll and Phil Sauer
Mike Meyers, left, Lisa Tadiri and Dr. Michael Salem Kimberly Jones and Angela Carroll Steve Katish and Ellen Jaskol Daphne Sipes, left and Susan Beane
Alisha Stoltz, left, Tal Diamant, Amy Diamant, Matt Carstenson and Laura Carstenson Karen Tobin, left, Julie Pearson, Lisa Trask Gleidis Baldwin, left Jenny Dahl, and Rob Davis (back) Ellen Jaskol and Michael Steward
Jamie Thrush, left, Ben Thrush, Rich Schierburg and Linda Schierburg Lisa Trask signing up for a song King Kolor sponsor table Joe Miller, left Marilyn Corn and Abbie Miller
Introductions by Molly Hughes Dr. Michael Salem welcomes the crowd at Cocktails and Karaoke Molly Hughes breaks in the crowd with the first song of the evening, "Celebration" Scott Gray, the Karaoke emcee, sings to warm up the crowd
Barb and the girls entertain Group of girls performing at the Cocktails and Karaoke Jennifer and Catherine singing to "Earl" Jay Farley sings "Hello Dolly"
Crowd enjoys the Karaoke Rob, Adam and Thomas perform and make the crows get on their feet to dance Dancing to Karaoke Dr. Larry Spivak sings to the crowd
Leslie croons and amazes the crowd with her amazing voice Gordon Smith band sings to "Sweet Home Alabama" Barb and the girls entertain the crowd Entertaining at the Cocktails and Karaoke fundraiser: "Barb and the Girls"
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