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January, 30 2009 - Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame Gala

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Rob Scott- President elect, left, with Fritz Garger- executive director Allen Kiel- Hall of Fame inductee, with wife Michelle Allen Kiel- Hall of Fame inductee, left, with Dave Romberg A delicious appetizer of friend artichoke hearts and sauce
A beautiful appetizer for the VIP pre-party Dallas and Dorothy Mauk, left, with Richard Hillway Sheryl Slater, left, with Molly Orr Carol Baily, left, with Roald Flater
VIP guests chat before the big night begins Father and son, Jim and Jeff Loehr- both Hall of Famers, left, with Mary Loehr, Shiela Carlon, and Kelly Loehr Molly Orr, left, chatting with Nancy McClosky Roald Flater, left, with Hall of Famer Katie Koontz and Jeanette Paddock
Katie Koontz, left, and Jeanette Paddock Sheryl and Roald Flater Lucy and Steve Lookson Anthony Boone, left, with Eileen Pero
Julie Pedro, left, with Hall of Famer Jim Loehr and Jeanette Paddock Linda Boden, left, with Molly Orr and Kathy Harrison Jason Rogers, left, with Bruce McCay Tennis gear up for auction
More tennis rackets up for auction A very special pair of signed shorts! Kailey Jonas, left, with Paula McClain Anita Cooper, left, with Shannon Bigner
Kurt Desautels, left, with Dan Lewis Members of the USTA welcome guests to the big event David and Kathy VanLiere The welcoming committee
Guests study the pictures of every Colorado Tennis Hall of Famer The Hall of Fame Wall Suzette McKinnin, left, with Laura Fincken Steve Snyder, left, with Liz Dunham, Dan Kiel, Tom and Dorothy McDermott
Andrew Watson, left, with outstanding sportsman award winner Gabriel Romero, and Margarette Watson Kevin and Amy Klabunde Day and Hank Peters, left, with John Dikeou Guests chat before the ceremony begins
Don Lozolo, left, with wife Janey, Nancy McClosky, and Katie Koontz Katie Koontz Jeff Loehr Allen Kiel
Paula Coulter Charles Gates Jr. Bruce McCay, left, with Rita Price- top senior female of the year Bruce McCay, left, with Rita Price
Rita Price, left, with daughter Val and Paul Anmon Art and Michelle Kraus, left, with Rita Price    
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