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February, 19 2009 - Urban Peak's Maverick Thinkers

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Miguel Gomez was manning the star booth Jean Scandlyn writing an inspirational message to today's youth Jeff Romero, left, and Randle Loeb Jeff Moss, guest speaker and employee of Sage Hospitality
Ron Hoskins, left, Michelle Hoskins, Lisa Robertson, Mark Robertson, Rebecca Burckhardt, Chris Burckhardt Lori Eronimous, left, Kevin Eronimous, Michelle Hoskins, Ron Hoskins, Lisa Robertson, Mark Robertson, Rebecca Burckhardt, Chris Burckhardt, Syu Ann Jack and Michael Jack Chris Geist, left, Stasia Patience, and Sherry Robinette Brad Robinette and Steve Marx
Kim Wick, left, Kylie Unger, Heather Reeves, Michelle Bland, and Dawn Karanik Barbara Brackett, left and Gina Greenwood Persis and Chuck Schlosser Terry Gill, left, Laurie Korneffel and Peter Korneffel
Martha and Bob Zavodsky Patti Wells, left, Deb Froeb, Mark Hoskin, and Tim Gardner Alan Benjamin, left and Darlene Henke Judy Ericson, left, and Gretchen Black
Mary Fran and Tony Tharp Debby Kaufman, left, Cristi Engblom, Mark Twarogowski, and Wendy Handler David and Lisa Hart Janet Colley, left, and Susan Noble
Rena Gardenswartz, left, Anita Murillo, Renee Petrillo, Matthew Gray, and Tony Barreiro Honoree Walter Isenberg, left, with Rob Cohen Kathy Hey, left, Dr. Stephen Jordan, Sandra Haynes, and Lisa Coval Kathy Hey, left, Dr. Stephen Jordan, Sandra Haynes, Lisa Coval and Susan Noble
JJ Ament, left, Andy Boian and Nicole Aiment Jen Simmons and Adam Musielewicz Glenda O'Rourke and Adam Allan Beautiful and creative plates that were presented at the Maverick Thinkers event
Smiling plate face at the Urban Peaks event Laura Paolicelli, left and Debbie Kinning Mayor Hickenlooper having a discussion at the Maverick Thinker's event Robert Hamm working hard to keep the event running smoothly
Luisa Ramos, left, and Becca Fletcher Karen Motley-Smith, Urban Peak's Volunteer Coordinator Lauren Hughes, previous employee of Urban Peak, was proud to state, "Urban Peak is an amazing organization filled with inspiration and hope." Molly Hughes, who emceed the event, explaining the meaning of the inspriational star
Stephen Stein, chair of the Board of Directors, quotes President Obama Evi Makovsky receives unexpected flowers Jeff Moss, rising star, speaks from experience about Urban Peak Walter Isenberg, Maverick Thinkers honoree
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