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February, 21 2009 - 3rd Annual Bingo Ball is Simply Sassy Again

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One big happy group - (left to right) Ryan Slade, Christiana Nelson, Mike & Cindy Nelson, Rebecca Uchyn, Rhonda & Mark Canino, Katie Canino and Anders Nelson The evening's co-hosts, Christopher Walker and Cindy Nelson Even the silent auction items are dressed for fun at the Bingo Ball More silent auction items on display
Larry Scantland from Anthem and Joanne Liss hoping to be the high bidders here David & Tess Phillips with Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Matthew Dunagan and Brett Larson Howard Dental Executive Director Ernest Duff and Vidya Duff
Vidya & Ernest Duff with Joseph Mauro, President, and Phillip Howard Volunteers and students of the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, Ashley Spooner, Brian Trommeter and Renee Alessi Rick & Chris Peebles of Peebles Prosthetics, Inc. sponsored the dessert tables, no wonder they are all smiles Amanda & Jeff Kelly
Clay Cousins and Mike Turner Sabrina Fitzgerald from PBS&J and Timothy Collins, Howard Dental board member Jennifer Solms (l) and Jennifer Kustok Adan Lopez (l) with Jeremy Simons and Robert Oh
Mischa McGibney and Kyle Henderson check out the silent auction tables Co-host Cindy Nelson (l) with Lori Baker, Jake Wypych and board member Michael Strand Hard at work from Epicurean Catering are James Ables (l) ,Emily Zuger, Dan Anderson and Mark Roberts Carol Schroeder (l) and Zoe Underwood view the wonderful art on the silent auction
Emcee Mike Nelson and Dennis Dougherty John Serfing, board member and Ellen O'Keefe Guests check out the wine selection on the silent auction tables From Anthem, Judith Jung (l) with Mike & Jamie Occhipinti
Ana Towns (l) and Kate Chapman Rob & Jodie Filogomo test out the cool Scooter that will be in the live auction later Ronald VanWechel DDS, a board member and Nancy VanWechel Marcie Casey (l) and Bonnie Ferrell DDS, a board member with Howard Dental
Co-host Christopher Walker (l) with Chris Irwin and Giovanni Prada John and Phyllis Betancourt with Denver's 7 The fabulous Nuclia Waste, the evening's guest bingo caller, arrives at the Bingo Ball Volunteers Dawn Sawyer (l) and Lara Makinen are on hand to greet the guests
Traci & Carl Bilek find a comfy spot by the fireplace Nick Essner(l) and Vince Verdecchio Betty Stranahan (l) with Bonnie Ferrell DDS, Nick Morales and Dr. Terry Brewick Logan Taylor (l) and Nathen Hildreth
Logan Taylor meets the effervescent Nuclia Waste, and one just never knows what to expect The Bingo Ball is a great time to bring out your sassy-set bingo shoes Colby McCarthy (l) and Park Erickson Tamis Roeder (l) and Emily Parkhurst
Peter Chapman and Gail Busby Nathen Hildreth (l), Jason Mitchell, Jacque Gisetti, Scott Shields, Robert Foley and Logan Taylor Tim Greer (l) with Veronica Johns Richardson, Leslie Herod, Katina Banks and Andy White Veronica Johns Richardson, Chris Walker, Leslie Herod, Katina Banks
Pat Powell (l) with Steve Holmolka, Christopher Walker, Paul Bonachi, Giovanni Prada, Todd Cotton and Zack Hickman Guests enjoyed a number of buffet tables filled with a huge selection of great food items Brian Crider (l) and Matt Dunagan Jeff Olbertz (l) and David Bryant, on the Howard Dental board, grab a photo op with Nuclia Waste
Nuclia Waste shows the volunteers from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine how to pose with style and a smile The Bronco sign at Invesco Field displays the logo from one of the event's sponsors Emcee Mike Nelson gets the guests ready for the evenings program Emcee Mike Nelson introduces Howard Dental President, Joseph Mauro, who presented co-hosts Cindy Nelson and Christopher Walker a thank you gift of flowers
Co-hosting this years Bingo Ball, Cindy Nelson and Christopher Walker welcome the guests Guests watch a video in which Howard Dental was presented as the 7News Everyday Hero Cindy Nelson helps out in the live auction as she encourages bidders on some really fabulous auction items Despite Mike Nelsons' "pretend" nap, there is never a dull moment on stage as the Nelsons get playful on this scooter up for bid
Cindy Nelson is one happy bidder as she high fives Mike Nelson after she bids on this fun scooter Co-host Christopher Walker and Nuclia Waste take a little spin on the stage It's time for Nuclia Waste to get the Bingo calling under way Nuclia Waste asks all of the guests to stand and say the Bingo Players Pledge - "I will not call out BINGO if I do not really have a bingo" or one will receive the kiss of death (they did say this was not your Grandma's Bingo :)
A toast before the games begin at the Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine table First number, a Dancing Queen I - 17, does anyone have I - 17? They were having fun at the Copic & MDDS table This guest is working his bingo card, checking his numbers and going for the win
Rebecca is the first Bingo winner of the evening The gents from the Olbertz & David Bryant table take a bingo break to take a photo A few folks from Metromode Magazine A happy group of Bingo players at Chris Walker's table enjoy a champagne toast
Nuclia Waste invites a group of hopeful winners to the stage as the final bingo numbers are called Yes! It's a race for the winning bingo number between John Betancourt and Rob Filogomo John Betancourt wins this round of bingo and a hug from Nuclia Waste Mary Salsich with Howard Dental and her son Clay Cousins
Volunteers from PBS&J ( Karl Miodonski (l), Dawn Sawyer , Heather Meyer and Lara Makinen The Bingo Kiss of Death.... this is what happens to the poor bingo player who calls out BINGO, yet does not have a true bingo Aron Marks receives the Bingo Kiss of Death Bingo winner, Christiana Nelson poses with dad, Mike Nelson
Winning bingo just seems to bring about excitement at this event Happy faces at the Howard Dental Bingo Ball Nuclia Waste and emcee Mike Nelson wrap up the Bingo games It's always fun to grab a photo with Bingo Queen Nuclia Waste
John and Phyllis Betancourt with Nuclia Waste Let the dancing begin! DJ Matthew Fraterelli from A Music Plus gets his music on How low can you go!
Everyone had a good time on the dance floor Nuclia Waste rocks the dance floor If you didn't make it to the Bingo Ball this year, make sure you get in on the fun next year... and bring your dancing shoes!  
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