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April, 09 2009 - Hospice Provides Soup for the Soul

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Soup for the Soul Jinny Guy, left, and Bonnie Shek, volunteers for the Soup for the Soul Stacie Schubert, left, Kathie Repola, and Erin Denholm Working the Hospice Wish Table-- Gretchen Norman, left, and Cynthia Cross
Carol Robertson, left, and Suzanne Pierce are CNAs who work with Hospice Wells Fargo sponsor table of Can Surprise volunteers are Michele Bishop, left, and Phyllis Travers Auction volunteer Gary Jaeckel rings bell Artist Lane Dukart
Rita Derjui, featured artist, explains her art Jinny Guy, left, and Janne Smith with daughter Sara Featured jewelry artist, Linda Bandt-Law Dr. Pat Roney, Hospice Medical Director, with Cindi Pursley at the table for Hospice in Nepal
Paige Thompson, bottom left, with Julian. Mary Willis, top left, Russ Shook and Joanne Willis O.C. O'Connell, left, with Laura Wegscheid Steve Younger, left, and Ann Pinelli, employees of the Foundation helping out at the Soup for the Soul fundraiser Danika Demers, left, Rick Miller (CEO Olinger), and Stacie Schubert
Christine Gallegos, left, Paige Thompson, and Rick Rodock Jackie Reddington bids for a pottery item Participant Beggs bids on a painting Erin Denholm, left, and Gary Campbell (CEO Centura Health)
Steubens and Vesta restaurant sent Brandon Biedeman, left, Matt Selby and Wade Kirwan Duane Walker, left, Charles Mathew and Wil Blackmore represent Lola restaurant Pesce Fresco's Merrilee Pesce Fresco and Samir Mohammad serve soup From Arapahoe Douglas Career & Technical School (ACC): Aaron Link, Dan Johston, Mary Johston, Carlie Merrill, Chris Housand, Jeejung Kim and Mercedes Holley
At check-in, Heather Dean (front), Ed Ammon and (back) Deanna Alfonso Winner of the Elway gift certificate, Jim Spoja Diane Bacino, left, and Nicole Combs Ruth and Pete Gunderson
Maddie checks out all the art Bernadette O'connor Japon Resaurant's sushi boat and Kimi Hills Sushi boat provided by Japon Restaurant
Silent bidding Win flowers for a year! Geoff Isaak and Carol Kramer (VP Communications, Jr. Symphony Guild) Renee and Mark Haynes enjoy soup
Emcee Kim Christiansen and Greg Feith enjoy the festive soups Rioja & Bistro Vendome serve soup Paul Roper, Hospice Chaplin, give blessings Donn Eley, honoree, given the Award of Courage
Amy Kaplan, left, Gina DeMarco, Kathie Repola, and Erin Denholm pose with the proceeds of Panera Bread's donation Alto Resaurant representatives serving soup    
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