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May, 13 2009 - CNI Cindy Acree Awards

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Welcoming guests to the 2008 Cindy Acree Awards Nancy Byers & Claudia Mulan Jamie Drobnick, John Pekaiski and Katie Cox The Khadiwala-Donian Family. The family was there in honor of their father the late Nick Khadiwala, who passed away from a brain tumor.
Gary Autrey and Valerie Harding The event room Dinner was buffet style Bertha Haugen
Gina Mouriquand, Lana FOreman & Kenny Foreman John Hartshorn, Vincent Bartholomew, LaFawn Biddle Festive table settings Left to right - Supporters Lowell Palmquist, Gil Weiskopf, mona Palmquist, Barbara Weiskopf
Belinda Biddle, Cindy Acree and Merredith Schmidt Marlene Sanderson and Margaret Locke Lauralyn Hogan, Hope Recipient Award winner Andrea Kennedy, Nicole Vowles John Davis, Charles Louis and his mother Marlene Washington, and Frances Sartin
Supporters Miyuki and Ron Kubit John Stephenson, board member Haven Moses, Chuck Gunneson Marlene Sanderson, Dr. Vincent Sanderson andd Linda Kellye Chris Vandenhomert and Tony Manna
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Orr and the nurse that helped him through his diagnoses and recovery Hope Award recipient Andrea Kennedy Ron and Beth Eller Dr. Richard Kelley & Dr. Jack Locke
Dr. Richard Kelley, left, & Dr. Jack Locke enjoyed a moment to talk Chris Payne, Kristy Payne Matteson, Ginger Payne, Dr. Tammie Kelsall Kelin McCloskey and her best friend Molly The McCloskey family and friends
Richard Mouriquand and his girlfriend, Beth Miller Dr. Jack Locke, Linda Kelley, Dr. Kelley Dr. Ira Chang, Representative Cindy Acree and Don Frei  
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