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June, 18 2009 - HLIC: Low scores. Big hearts.

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Jim Lebar, left, with Kevin Greene, Dennis Kitko and Andy Mathews. Andy Mathews Richard Messick, left, with Max Garcia, Michael Walker and Pat Arellano Paul Kakec, left, with Scott Lyons, John Kissinger and Brian Kakec
Jeff Moses, left, with Craig Kilgore, George Romero and Jerry Chavez A.J. Seastone, left, with Jon Noller, Steve Hall and Steven Abeyta Measuring for a putt Three supporters
Stewart Later, left, with P. Scott Muller, Brian Zabroski and Mimitri Maistrellis Signs to remember why we're doing this Vince Recine, left, with Bob Rhyme and Terry Simmons Scott, left, with Salt Wall, Dean Cowles and Isadore.
Dick Miano, left, with Brett D. Davis, Ed Walker and Dale Algrim Scott Nelson, left, with Francois Giguere, Mike Anderson and Gary Goldwasser Dave Jones, left, with Dave Bailey and Don Morgan Scott Squire, left, with Doug Squire, Julian Varga and Craig Van Gundy
Posting scores It turned out to be a beautiful day Greg Greenwood, comCables CEO with other golfers. Sun Valley Youth Center attendees
Greg Greenwood, comCables CEO chatting with Sun Valley youth Young Sun Valley kids Hungry golfers Happy supporters
"Loving" supporters Dave Jones, Here's Life Inner City Silent auction prizes Here's Life interns and kids
Gracious sponsor Food was great! Silent auction prizes Well organized tournament
Salt Wall, Here's Life Inner City founder calling a raffle winner Greg Greenwood, comCables CEO thanking golfers for their support Ike Harvey, left, with Greg Greenwood Dave Jones, HLIC, showing the location of their partners.
Early morning warm up Dante, Sun Valley Youth Center Nohely, from Sun Valley Kriss Rollerson, Execute Director, Sun Valley Youth Center
Annette, from Sun Valley Kriss Rollerson, left, with Anay Ike Harvey Anxious registrants
Sponsor Sponsor Presenting Sponsor Sponsor
Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor
Sponsor Sponsor Host Sponsor Sponsor
Salt Wall, HLIC, left with Adrianna Just about ready to get going Greg Greenwood, comCables CEO, left, with Jeff Myers, CEO of Axess Communications, the presenting sponsor Erick Garcia, left, with Dave Jones and Bryan Pontius preparing for the rush of registrants
The crew that kept it rolling. Front: Nicole Work Middle row: Heather Abbink, left, with Gina Jones and Marcie Wall. Back row: Ken Tisdale, Greg Greenwood, Ike Harvey, Shawn Taylor and Erick Garcia CoBiz Insurance, tee sponsor The early-bird registrants M. Jason Bayens, left, with Jason McCord, Mike Wethingtn and Treve Suaco.
Steve Busick, Brian Cardno, James Nordlie and Michael Edwards Gary Elwood, George Horn and Alan Franks Gary Dixon, Len Bourret, Tom Keyton and Tony Williams Larry Diggins, left, with Dawn Van Fleet, Randy Russell and Paul Gonzales.
Eric Holt, David Garrick, Anthony Pratt and Jim McGinnis Lining up a nice drive Kate Murray, left, with Tim Millar, Doug Walford and Carlos Grajeda Kate Murray, left, with Tim Millar, Doug Walford and Carlos Grajeda
Sam Drobnick, left, with Jim Flint, Michael Anthony and Wayne Lauer Brian Bailey, left, with Lila Romano, Andrea Van Dyke and T.K. Russell Sinking the putt Adam Averback, left, with Mike Cook, Steven Hoth and James Nottingham
Seth Van Essen, front, with Caleb Van Essen, Del Van Essen and Dan MacLevy Greg Greenwood, left, with Preston Martin, Jack Martin and Doug Sparks Jacob West, left, with Mike Coad, Jeff Myers and Sam Smith Kathleen Finley, left, with Bryan Pontius and Erick Garcia
Shawn Taylor, left, with Ike Harvey and Dave Jones prepare for registration Pete Garcia, left, with David Buchanan, John Hanner and Dan Kummet Jamie Poston, left, with Norm Shearer, Joe Conrad and Matt Osness. Jim Lebar lines up a putt
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