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August, 01 2009 - Salt on the Rim is "Muy Caliente"

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A list of sponsors was displayed at the entrance Part of the beautiful entryway leading into the party The grounds of the property are gorgeous Emcee Jason Boyer was back for another year of masterfully guiding the program; here with singer from the 17th Avenue Allstars, Norm Silver
Graham Milner and Darian Bregman get ready to provide their Vuka Energy drink to partygoers Committee members extraordinaire--Nancy Koontz, left, and event co-chair Marsha Temple Kempe's Angela DellaSalle and her husband John in front of the beautiful lake on the property The crew from Morton's Steakhouse providing scrumptious steak sandwiches: Erica Roth, left, Milli King, Zander Eens, Yaron Marcus and Executive Chef Collin Kelley
From Baur's Ristorante: Cody Robertson, left, Justine Gillirand and Sara Nicholson From Mezcal: Roberto Diaz, left, Danielle Scott and Claudio Hernandez From Zink: Charles Grier, left, GM Youssef Chihab, Paul Nagan and Zach Diamond The group 17th Avenue Allstars provided some great, upbeat entertainment
The gracious hosts, James and Pamela Crowe flank Kempe Foundation President and CEO Jesse Wolff Some of the great silent auction items Kristina and Jay Davidson Volunteers worked hard to greet everyone
Helen and Warren Hanks are longtime supporters and advocates of Kempe--here working hard at the check-in table. Two wanna-be guests Eva Potter, left, and Virginia Bray, last year's chair of the event Dale and Alice Hudson, left, with Tim and Moira Cullen
Nancy Koontz greets her good friend Trisha Hood Don Hood, left, with Bruce and Mary Kay Peterson Pam Grossman, left, and Carmen Weiner Board chair Jon Kruljac, left, his wife Teri, with Mitch and Christine Powers
Jack and Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons, left, Dr. Michael and Lyn Schaffer, board member John Faught and Toni Anker Craig Fleishman and his fiancee Layne Hunt Kayla Manzel, left, Jeff Schroeder, emcee Jason Boyer and Leigh Clasby Gayle and Gary Ray, left, wtih Alan and Jackie Forker
From Jing: Derrick Henry and Ran Yee Syd and Helene Pearl JD Kish, left, and John Quam Bill Meanwell, left, Edie Marks and Bob Fein
The crew that keeps this gorgeous 9-acre property looking gorgeous, with Mr. Crowe; from left: Keith Gravert, Adam Cornell, Dan Ribis, John Curtis and James Crowe Tom Devine and Larisa Stratton Lani Hood, left, and Sally Shotwell helped to volunteer for the event Annie Kempe, left, with Helen Hanks and Bertha Haugen
Sharon Linhart, left, with Lynn Bronikowski Jerry Linhart, left, and Steve Wise Junior Achievement's Robin Wise, left, with Veronica Figoli Pam Ignat, left, Arlene Johnson and Nancy Koontz
Walt and Georgia Imhoff have been longtime strong supporters of Kempe Emcee Jason Boyer welcomes the crowd Virginia Bray, left, Dinah Sink and event co-chairs Marsha Temple and Ryta Sondergard President/CEO Jesse Wolff says a few words
Jesse Wolff makes a point Charlene and Jerry Dunn Ryta Sondergard talks about her tenure as co-chair this year. Ryta Sondergard imparts some wisdom as only Ryta can.
The crew from Pappadeaux served up some delicious dishes Marsha Temple presents Dinah Sink with a "Wonder Woman" poster for all she did to help coordinate things Ryta Sondergard gets a hug from host James Crowe Ryta Sondergard and Marsha Temple listen as last year's chair, Virginia Bray presents them with some tokens of appreciation
Ryta Sondergard and Marsha temple accepting gifts from Virginia Bray Ryta Sondergard and Marsha Temple receive congratulations from Virginia Bray. Ryta gets a hug from Virginia Dinah Sink, Mr. Crowe's executive assistant, with her "Wonder Woman" poster.
Marsha Temple, left, Virginia Bray, Dinah Sink and Ryta Sondergard discuss the success of the event Keith and Cindi Burge, left, with board secretary Gail and George Johnson Maureen Silva, left, Kenny Allen and Peter Helburn Mitch Baris of Attitude Spirits mixes up some martinis made of his all natural Vodka 14
Rollie Jordan with Michael Dunahay More of the beautiful grounds of the Crowe estate Another view of the grounds Patty Gurevich of Limon Restaurant poses in her booth
Blacktie's Nancy Koontz and Pam Cress Sheryl and Ron Mitchell Tia Marlier of the 17th Avenue Allstars chats with Senator Linda Newell  
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