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July, 27 2009 - The 2009 Children’s Hospital Courage Classic

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Many riders - over 2,400! Means many bikes. And it means many bags. "Where's mine?" Early arrivals on a Colorific day. Is he wobbly?
When you can see your medal, the pedals turn faster. Ah, it's in my hand. Hearty congratulations. More medals.
A medal well earned. A runner-escort for this group. Is there a hint of competitive juices here? Great signs - and sign-holders - for dad.
This was the riders' view of the final, uphill 75 yards. Many were there to cheer the finishers. Finishers were cheered for a well-done ride and for their generosity. Sponsor banners on the north side.
Sponsor banners on the south side. And just around the last corner come the 54 Team Courage riders. Team Courage consisted of current and former patients and some escorts. The first phalanx of Team Courage crosses the finish line. An assortment of Team Courage bikes; conventional two-wheelers, tandems and recumbents of several types.
Team Courage, a deservedly proud group. Biggest applause was saved for Team Courage. Each Team Courage rider got a medal. Smiles. Smiles. Smiles.
Medals. Medals. Medals. Team Courage Riders Jim Danforth, left, with Katie Flynn, Penny Overdier and Kaitlin Hooks. Wendy Cook, left, with mother Monna Weldon. "It's Up To Us" riders Ali Giacomin, left, with Doug McCartney, Kelley Swanno, Colleen Wells, Lesley Williams, Stefan Bump and Paul Swanno. "It's Up To Us" turned out 120 riders this year!
Mark Berry, left, with Jon Cosby and Gina Cosby. Harris Markson, left, with Jack Markson and Tim Flynn. Doug Frey showing off a bamboo (Yes, bamboo) bike made by his son's firm, Boo Bicycles. Doug said it rode better than a carbon fiber frame. Don Hale, left, with Charles Osborn.
The 3 Granthams; Lyle, left, with Daniel and Donald. All the way from Cusco, Peru! Aturo Aragon. The "Spin Doctors". John Pike, left, with Jim Christian and Sean Bradley. There were more than 70 "Spin Doctors" in the Courage Classic. Forrest Peterman, left, with Austin Peterman and Doug Peterman. All from "Wheels of Fortune", sponsored by Mad Greens.
The "Swag" tent. A welcome sign for weary riders. Tired riders in. Aches and pains out. Hearthstone Catering chefs.
Lots to grill. Homemade potato salad. Burgers, grilled chicken and grilled portobellos from Hearthstone Catering. A meal well deserved.
Team "Spokeback Mountain" enjoying lunch. Team "Spokeback Mountain" enjoyment. Some liked the sun.... Sun liked the shade for lunch.
Camaraderie enjoyed over lunch. Still lots of bikes, waiting for lunch to end. Just about over for 2009 - a few bags left and bikes being loaded for the drive home.  
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