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September, 25 2009 - ADCD: Celebrating the Creative!

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Kathryn Marshall, front row left, with Alan Simon, Tasha Gallegos, Dennis Wakabayashi, back row left, Alex Hicks, Chris Golaszewski and Herb Allison Amanda Cordsen and Kyle Iseminger are glad to be a part of ADCD Noah Dempewolf, left, and Eric Brettillo take time out from reviewing the displays for a photo Checking out some of the displays
Eric Schmidt, left, with Angelina Fox and Lizzie Costello enjoy the atmosphere of ADCD Awards Suze Keen and Morgan smile for a picture Big smiles from Rob Lewis, left, Tammy Gelfond and Ken Fukuda Rob Lewis, left, Tammy Gelfond and Ken Fukuda
Jessica Thomas, left, with Nick Sullivan and Stephanie Fay enjoy the show The best of Denver's creative displayed at ADCD's annual awards Brian Campbell, left, with Mark Mock, Susan Mock, Gail Werren and Russell Brodoway huddle for a group picture Steve Hirsch, left, smiles with Trista deSousa and Brian Mark
Nicky Alden, left, shares the night with her husband and business partner Stuart Alden, along with Eric Brettillo and Noah Dempewolf Good times for Ryan Johnson, left, Ryan Bramwell and Steve Urbano James Pelz and David Pahl catch up at the ADCD awards A fun group: Jeff Curry, left, with Frances Parker, Nolan Addison, Laura Slavec, Clint Betlej and Inke Borret
A gorgeous display of photgraphs by event sponsor Burton Stroube Making sure the music hits the right beat: Sanza Fittz, right, and friend Beth Erkelens Showing off some outstanding samples: Bill Jones, left, and John Lawrence of event sponsor Vision Graphics, Inc. Ken Custer of Advertising & Marketing Review catches up with Glenn Cuerden
Paul Desrosiers and Linda Keefer take a moment for a photo Susanne Wood, left, and Nancy Barnes are all smiles at ADCD awards Food and beverage imaging expert and event sponsor Rick Souders goofs around at ADCD Event sponsor Rick Souders shows off the final products of his work
Joe Conrad, left, with Erin Conrad, Mike Doyle and Christine Bartel at the ADCD Awards Chase Klaussen takes a break from checking out the displays with Jim Elkin Casey Harper, left, smiles with Jay Roth, Wade Campbell and David Pahl A winning team: Tonja and Jay Roth
Tonja and Jay Roth smile at the success of the evening A full house Lauren Atkins, left, with Olaf Richter and Saloni Shah Displays of creative work
Getting ready for a delicious dinner Smiling big before dinner are Kari Niessink, left, and MC Pfeiffer Pete DeLong, left, with friend Brian Mark Danielle Bryan, left, Matt Chiabotti and Elliot Nordstrom take a moment for a photo
Beautiful and inviting table settings The many awards ready to go to deserving hands ADCD's Judge's Choice Award Toasting to the evening
Adrian Bishop, left, with Adenta Arietta, Janelle Key, Amy Neiswander, and Olaf Richter Steve Hirsh, left, wtih Nikki Arnell, Chris Thomas, Tonja Roth and Jim Elkin IdahoStew founder Stuart Alden shows off his company's logo A busy bar
A keepsake: the book of entries Camille King, back left, goofs around with Maggie Burns, Sean Topping ( a.k.a ST-Stop Power), "Dave" and "Cole", front left Matt Nasi and Maggie Burns catch up at ADCD Andrew Webb, left, enjoys the ADCD event with Amy Webb and Jeff Curry
Jerry Stufford, left, and Anton Aheichanka take a break for a photo Team Ryan at ADCD Awards: Ryan Bramwell, left, and Ryan Johnson    
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