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October, 07 2009 - Have You Met? The Best "Blacktie" Party in Denver

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Terri Fisher, left, Nancy Koontz and Janet Elway Ed and Gayle Novak have some fun with a witches's hat at Have You Met? before whisking off to "Wicked" Big smiles from Hazel Miller and Blacktie co-founder Kenton Kuhn Beautiful smiles by Have You Met chairwoman Jamie Angelich, left, and Stacy Ohlsson
Two Have You Met profiles: Arlene Hirshfield, left, takes a moment for a photo with Dahlia Weinstein Keri Christiansen, left, with friends Have You Met profile Layne Hunt, Bryce Hunt and Trisha Hood Mayor John Hickenlooper says a few words to the guests at the Blacktie Have You Met party Hazel Miller sings a lovely tribute to Georgia Imhoff with her beautiful version of "Georgia on My Mind"
Walt Imhoff shares his love and thanks to Hazel Miller for her tribute to his wife, Georgia Imhoff Kenton Kuhn, co-founder and CEO of Blacktie welcomes guests Sheraton Denver Dowtown General Manager, MIke Ehmann talks about the $70 million renovation. If the rest of the hotel is like the renovated ballroom, it's spectacular. A happy winner: Ryta Sondergard, left, with Walt Imhoff and Stacy Ohlsson
Linda Goto and Andy Levy get ready to enjoy Have You Met? Beth Klein and Judge James Klein smile for a photo Rosalie Sheffield, left, with friends Nancy Chin-Wagner and Michele Haeddrich Frank Jedlicka, left, with auctioneer extraordinaire Gary Corbett
The Denver Hospice's Michael Pasquarella, left, with Lydell Peterson A dynamic mother-daughter duo: Rhonda Fields, left, and Maisha Pollard Big smiles from Stacy Hanson, left, and Ventia Currie Have You Met profiles Janet Elway, left, with community legend and Blacktie Hall of Famer Walt Imhoff and Have You Met profile Glory Weisburg
Blacktie photographer Jim Turley, left, connects with Frank Jedlicka Friends Lori Cohen, left, and Marla Gifford sample some of the delicious food at Have You Met? Two more Have You Met Profiles: Trisha Hood, right, hugs her dear friend Bertha Haugen John and Linda Giles enjoyed some food before hitting the dance floor
A team of friends: Lindsay Dominy, left, with Denver Daily News publisher Kristie Hannon, John Barnard, Lu Stasko and Dan Urmann Jacque Beaver, left, with her daughter Lauren and friend, Have You Met profile Edie Marks Sue Ellen Goss, left, smiles with Have You Met profiles Linda Goto and Janet Elway Linda and Mike Ehmann (General Manager of the Sheraton Denver Downtown) enjoy their night out with Blacktie
Kevin McNally, Sales and Catering Manager of the Sheraton Denver Downtown and Dori Kelley Joe Fanganello, left, is pleased to share the night with his daughter, Have You Met profile Anne Fanganello and family friend , and also a Have You Met profile Chris Meza Lynn Lionhardt, left, takes a moment to catch up with Terry Rigl, and Have You Met profile Cynthia and Craig Hansen Mathew Keeney, left, with Janice Whittleton, Dave Burke, and Fred Churbuck
Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper with Katie Tiernan of the Jefferson Foundation Marit Roasacci, left, with Ryta and Steve Sondergard Sharon Magness Blake, left, with Ernie Blake and Have You Met profile Rollie Jordan Cathy and Dr. Jordan Klein are elated to be a part of the celebration
Dan Sharp and Diane Huttner take a moment for a photo Vince Abrue, left, enjoys the event with May Laclair and Sarah Hidey Have You Met profile Mary Ann Padilla, left, is happy to share a moment with Walt Imhoff and Salye Stein Andrea Brito-Amador, left, and Hellen Wilson relax for a moment at Have You Met?
A beautiful mother-daughter team: Bryce, left, and Layne Hunt Three young social entrepreneurs: David Ciesnik, Francisco Gonima and David Perleberg Mike Imhoff with his father Walt Imhoff at the Have You Met party Ernie Blake (l) with the evening's nationally celebrated auctioneer, Gary Corbett
Paul Goss (l) and Leo Goto (HYM) were having a great time at the Have You Met party Sarah Hidey(l) and May Laclair, both from the Denver Rescue Mission are all smiles at the Have You Met party Doug Tisdale (HYM) seems to find himself surrounded by lovely ladies, Sara Reed (l) Lara Weber and LaFawn Biddle (HYM) The evening's event Chair, Jamie Angelich, a member of the Have You Mets with Heather Brecl, Director of Development for the Junior Symphony Guild
Have You Met members Harry T. Lewis (l) and Robert Fullerton were reminiscing about their High School days at East High Mitchell Right (l) with two lovely Have You Met ladies, Beverlee Henry and Debbie Gradishar This party was full of fabulous ladies, ( l to r) Diane Wengler (HYM), Blacktie's Nancy Koontz, Kay Burke and Edna Chang Grant Dr. Raymond Peacock (l) Stride Executive Director and Francisco Gonima of Arquero Consulting
A distinguished group, Walt Imhoff (l), Stacy Ohlsson and Mayor John Hickenlooper Carla Wright, left, and Suzanne Doles smile big at Blacktie's Have You Met? party The Georgia Imhoff Community Philanthropist and Volunteer Extraordinaire Award recipient Ryta Sondergard poses with Walt Imhoff and Stacy Ohlsson All smiles and all former Have You Met gals, (l to r) Edie Marks, Jamie Angelich and Glory Weisberg
Launcelot Hawk (HYM) and Venita Currie were having a wonderful time this evening Ali Garrett, left, with new Denverite Dmitry Genzer Looking quite glamorous this evening are Artemis Khadiwala (HYM) and Blacktie photographer Misha Darcy Jerry DeWitt and Debra Wilcox were sharing some entertaining stories and having alot of fun
Helen and Warren Hanks, both members of the Have You Met? Phyllis St John, who has written some of the Have You Met profiles with Lydell Peterson, Edna Chang Grant, Dennis Laurita and Kay Berg Shawn Davis with Colorado Prevention Center and Carla Wright with MOPS International Linda Christie-Horn (l) and Rollie Jordan (HYM) add some glamor to the party
Steve Perkins (l) with Janet Elway (HYM) and Gail (HYM) & George Johnson Dan Sharp (l) with Photographer Steve Peterson , Denise Snyder, owner of Mariel's on Larimer and her husband Brent Snyder Margo Gilbert Frank (HYM) with Debbie Gradishar (HYM) and Hindi Wilson Debbie Pierce (l) with Hazel Miller, CJ Juleff, Tanya Breeling and Rosalie Sheffield
Hazel Miller and Rosalie Sheffield from Dynamic Special Events were all smiles Bob and Nancy Koontz, Nancy has written most of the Have You Met profiles on the Blacktie website Paul Behr is quite happy to pose with Diane Bacino (l) and Wendy Stewart (r) From the Gary Corbett Auction Group - Paul C. Behr (l), Gary Corbett, Wendy Stewart and Adam Kevil
Doug Tisdale (HYM) poses with Blacktie's Nancy Koontz and Katie Carrol (HYM) from the Better Business Bureau in Colorado Springs Susan Ber, Ben Fuchs and Todd Slawson were having a great time Jim Beimford, left, with friends Jane Barnes and Blacktie Co-Founder Kenton Kuhn Lori Cohen (l) and Jennifer Espinoza were enjoying this fun evening
Les Shapiro (HYM) talks with Suzanne Brown & Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown John Wren and Mary Clement A fun evening out for Micah Ruse and Blacktie Office Manager Meghan Mcleod Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, left, with Stacy Ohlsson, Ryta Sondergard and Walt Imhoff
Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons, left, with Ryta Sondergard and Gayle Novak catch up at the start of Have You Met Lydette Prisner, left, and Denise Gentilini smile for a picture Songbird Hazel Miller, brought her son Robert to help celebrate with Blacktie Ashley Weber, left, smiles with Doug Tisdale and Tabatha Bollerud
Lyn Schaffer, left, with Dr. Michael Schaffer and Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons Joe Johnstone shares an evening out with Stephanie Blake Ben Fuchs and Susan Ber are pleased to be a part of Blacktie's celebration Gina Berg, left, and Michele Ostrander at Blacktie's Have You Met? party
Jan Gordon, left, with Kim Hersel Have You Met profile Ann Padilla, left, with friends Salye Smith, Have You Met profile Trish Hood and Dr. Don Hood Have You Met Profile Cyndy Everett meets Dmitry Genzer at Blacktie's Have You Met? party Colleagues John Barnard, left, Lu Stasko and Dan Urmann take a photo for the office
A family outing: Richard, Jacque and Lauren Beaver Aleah Hortsman between Have You Met profiles Helen and Warren Hanks Walt Imhoff and the evening's honoree Ryta Sondergard Walt Imhoff, left, with Stacy Ohlsson and Ryta and Steve Sondergard
Walt Imhoff and Stacy Ohlsson onstage to announce a special presentation of the 1st Georgia Imhoff Community Philanthropist and Volunteer Extraordinaire Award Ryta Sondergard, a past Have You Met shares her gratitude for receiving the evenings special Georgia Imhoff Award as Walt Imhoff looks on Everyone's favorite auctioneer, Gary Corbett, gets the crowd ready for a special live auction item Hazel Miller provides the evenings entertainment for the Have You Met party
Songstress Hazel Miller entertains the crowd      
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