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October, 08 2009 - "Be Beautiful, Be Yourself" A Knockout Hit!

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Lori Caenwel (left), Ted Polito and Jeannie Ritter Bob and Betsey Leighton with Mayor John Hickenlooper Thomas Malone (left), Alan Beals, Miss Colorado Katie Layman and Hanna Atkinson Kim Wheaton (left), Jan Gillam and Laura Wheaton
Anna and John J. Sie Tom Arnold and Casey Perry Devany McNeil (left) and Jerri Theil Luke Stahmer (left), Spence Wilson, Rebecca Macsovits and Becky Wilson
Patty Hansen (left), Stan WIlks, Michael Willes and Ashley Rogers Jeffrey and Lieuchi Fine Tamara Koch (left) and Sharon Ballard Todd Ballard and Pat McDonnell
Jack McDonnell (left), Mike Ammon and MIchael Cook Jennifer Duggan and BIlly Van Heusen Delvin and Carmela Hughley Christina and Scott Schroder
Mac Macsouits (left), Brian Levin, Malcolm Seawell and Billy Van Heusen Cindy Farber (left), Shereen Pollak and Michael Pollak Bradley and Cyndi Nathan Dr. Jeffrey and Lisa Snyder
Mike Glode, Connie Welch and Linda Glode Patti Shyne, Terri Vitale and Layne Hunt Ashley McDonnell and Cindy Ballard Tom Arnold and Josh Kelley
Quincy Jones and Jasmine Valerie, Quincy Jones and Jasmine Ashley Groussman, Tom Arnold, Josh Kelley and Relsa Silverman John J. Sie, Governor Bill RItter, Quincy Jones, Josh Kelley, Mayor John Hickenlooper and Tom Arnold
Dr. Dean Prina (left), Nina Moore and Patricia Barela Rivera Wendy Ledwitz (left), Michael Ledwitz and Governor Bill Ritter Josh Kelley, Dan Halton and Alli Halton Denise Snyder and Denise Plante
Patti Brown, Lisa Cook and Vicki Pepper Susan Karsh and Faye Denby Sharon Rosen, Lella Lantz and Lindsay Brown Kelly Kennedy, Mike Kennedy, MJ Roerses and Paul Powers
Jamie Diamant and Tracey Garcia Kristy and Mark Dym Lori Rabinowitz, Bobby Springer and evening's emcee, Kim Christensen Noah Valedera, Kimberly Valdera, Susie Duval, David Duval, Marloe Perischitte and Deano Persichitte
Evan Carey and Danielle Venturi Shaun Schmidt, Deana Pastorini, Lois Paul and Chris Meza Lisza Gulyas (left), Jim Anderson and Steve Wallingford Jean Smooke (left), Doug Smooke and Kira Van Lil
Dave and Theresa Mariea Aaron and Laurel Kelly Steven Chotin and Jennifer Land Elise Marks-Gruitch (left), Lori Marks-Connors and Jeanne Posthumus
Allison Maganna and John Posthumus Annette Paniello and Tim Minstrom Leddy Rozell (left), Michael Rozell, Rocky Johnson and Tammy Johnson Sarah and Michael Graham
Albin Ulle (left), Melanie Ulle and Jen Darling Becky Foster (left), Nancy Gart and Sheila Gutterman Tom Botellio (left), Tracy Ulmer and Luke Stahmer Vic Salver (left), Amy Allison and Mac Macsovitz
Stacy Cook (left), Miss Colorado Teen and Kaylah Braun, Miss Superior Councilman Charlie and Suzanne Brown Emma McDonald and Kennedy Schumacher Michelle Marlowe and Sarah Iskandani
Miss Centennial, Stasia Erickson Cindy Ballard, Sharon Ballard, Todd Ballard and Matt McDonnell Tom Theye (left), Britta Erickson, Leslie Brown, Dee Chirafisi and Johnathan Shair Larry Mizel and Trish Morris
Jim Lustig and Lynne Greene Jackie Perry and Rick Brown Belia Guzman (left) and Julie Fryberger Volunteers Al Kaura Kami and Xiao Ting Yang
Alycia Gleave and Kristina Miller-Brown Cindy Levin and Dr. Bill Silvers Jane Lundwall and Trish Morris with models in the evening's fashion show Alison Hradek, Casey Gunning and Lurin Gilmour Erin Feinger (left), Courtney Mizel Green, Allison Lewn, Nicole Seawell and Barrie Alpert
Shaun Schmidt (left), Jill Skaar-Farquhar, Carmel Koeltzow and Dena Patorini John Lynch (left), Linda Lynch, Chris Meza, Courtney Maglione and Grant Leibowitz    
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