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October, 19 2009 - Get Ready to Dine & D'art

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Karye Wilhilm, Dine & D'art co- chair (left) and Bernadette Berger Tadd and Aleasa Moskal Nancy Hopper (left) and Patricia Saldarriaga Tina McKeeber (left), contributing artist Chris Guarino and Lucia De Giovanni
Lucia De Giovanni and Fred Charbuck, director at ArtReach and Director of Sales for Denver Magazine Clark Vander Broek (left) and Joe McCormack Honorary chairperson Mary Caulkins (left), Jamie Harris, Karl Kister, Leanna Harris and honoree Adam Lerner Pedro Saldarriaga (left) and Eric Matelski
Barbara Reasoner (left) and ArtReach director Alexandra Hoy Designer Kay Ray (left), Ben Silva and ArtReach director Alexandra Hoy Direcotor at ArtReach, Alexandra Hoy (left) and designer Kay Ray with the chair she designed Eric Hinds, Aleacia Hinds and Lucia De Giovanni
Cindy Hansen and contributing artist Wanda Lindsay Board of directors president Marc Cutilletta, Adrienne Cutilletta and Sarah Kelly Karl Kister (left), Dr. Dean Prina and J. Madden Gordon and Gerri Baron
Carolyn Nicholes (left) and director at ArtReach Adriene Callahan Joy and Jim Lewis Executive Director Karla Johnson-Grimes and Craig Hansen Executive Director Karla Johnson-Grimes, Sophie Johnson-Grimes and Jeff Johnson-Grimes
Patrick Hackett and Leslie Horna Ron Jacobs and Helen Qualls Contributing artist Eric Halborg with Noelle Riccardella and Jude Halborg Jamie Armatas (left), Jamie Neuhart and Sam Armatas
Director of Education and Community Tickets, Sarah Gulinska, and director at ArtReach, Kevin Fonk      
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