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October, 24 2009 - Little Wishes, Big Dreams Raises Funds and Awareness for The Children's Hospital

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There were hundreds of silent auction items to choose from. Foundation board member Molly Broeren, aka Molly Mosher, with her husband Bill Mosher Kate Miller, left, Lara Day, Gillian Grefe and Michelle Janacek--all worked to make sure the gala was a success. The Children's Hospital 2009 Ambassadors: Rose Vu, left, Michelle Gaffney, Benjamin Patterson, Alberto Robledo-Araujo, Lars Skoric and Tanner Waterman
Becky and Rex Horne, left, with Teresa and David Hayutin Catherine Kornbrust (steering committee) and Terry Stanford Christine and Bob Trigg Jody and AJ Steger
Chip and Barbara Melick Foundation board member Cy Harvey and Lyndia Harvey Heather and Tim Carroll Gregg and Laura Stone--Gregg's Kuni Lexus donated a luxury Lexus hybrid to be auctioned off.
GG Johnston and Tom Owens Event chairs Darci and Jack Overstreet Martha and Ron Berge Volunteers did a great job at check-in
Paul and Alida Hilton Sis Caroll and Colllie Norman John and Linda Giles Ashley Hiller and Mike Osborne
Rodney Allen, left, CBS4's Jodi Brooks (co-emcee) and Foundation board member Steve Farber TCH Foundation President and CEO Steve Winesett, left, with Foundation board member Steve Farber TCH board member Russ Dispense with his wife Deb Corporate chairs Kelly and Michael Kennedy
Dr. Dean Prina, left, Kelly Kennedy and Bryan White Event chairs Darci and Jack Overstreet, left, corporate chair Kelly Kennedy and corporate chairs Christie and Walter Isenberg Mary and Don Elliman, left, with Heidi and Tyler Baskfield Patrick and Tricia Youssi (steering committee)
First Lady Jeannie Ritter, left, Foundation board member Joe Wagner, Judi Wagner, Gary and Linda Hoover and Governor Bill Ritter Craig Fleishman and his fiancee Layne Hunt Steering committee chairs Janie and Rick Stoddard, left, Molly Broeren, Ed and Diane Blieszner Robert Matz and Peggy Warner
There was an awesome martini bar set up for the reception Ellen Stewart (corporate committee), left, Don Vancil, Mark Donovan, Dr. Brian Griffe and John Schliep Linda Goto, left, chats with Jeannie Ritter (Kelly Kennedy in background) Jackie and Jerome Davis (Jackie was on the steering committee)
Andy and Leslie Heins Foundation board member Marcy Benson and Bruce Benson National Jewish's Michael Salem MD, left, with Sheila and Hassan Salem Corporate chair Roger Hutson with Vallie Smith
Dick and Cathey Finlon (TCH board member) Keith and Rita Douglas Greg Geissler, left, Josh Hanfling, Amy Venturi and Maureen McDonald Jesse Ogas, left, Sandy Wolf and auctioneer Gary Corbett
Dick Robinson, left, Dr. Michael Salem, Marcia Robinson, Eddie Robinson, Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld Aurora Mayor Ed Tauer, left, his wife Betsy and Bruce Benson Wes and Kareina Westlund Mark and Paula Tiernan, left, with Tricia and Troy Johns
Steve Guenin and Carrie Fell Debbie Jessup, left, shares a laugh with Mayor John Hickenlooper, Governor Bill Ritter and Tim Schultz Luanne and Chuck Hazelrigg, left, with Jeanne and Hank Moreno Tom and Diane Currigan, left, Mike Passmore, Kate Paul (recently given the Lifetime Achievement award from the Women's Chamber), George and Jo Marie Dancik
Mary Ervolina, left, Stan Raine, Janice Ramos, Dan Atkins, Greg Ramos and Helen Atkeson Dr. Andrew Bauer, left, with Nan Eklund and Spike Eklund Steve and Christel Dikeman (from sponsor Neiman Marcus), left, with Asli and Harrison Monarth Shellie and Jeff Mann
Foundation board member Joy Johnson, left, Dr. Jim Shmerling, President and CEO of TCH, his wife Debbie, and David Hanson Evi and Evan Makovsky, left, chat with Jeannie Ritter The set on stage waiting to come alive with the music of Loggins & Messina Mary Sullivan, center, with fans
Emcee Molly Hughes begins the festivities Co-emcee Jodi Brooks Senator Michael Bennet and Helen Thorpe A pretty impressive collection of guitars set up for Loggins & Messina's group
Lee Alpert, left, Hyde Park's Michael Pollak and Steve Rosdahl Some lively dancers literally kicked things off Some exciting dance numbers started the program TCH ambassadors Lars Skoric, age 7, left, and Rose Vu, right, age 9
Ambassadors Alberto Robledo-Araujo, left, age 11 and Tanner Waterman, age 10 Ambassadors Benjamin Patterson, left, age 12, and Michelle Gaffney, age 14 The Ambassadors get a standing ovation Ambassadors Lars Skoric and Rose Vu stand before the crowd
Ambassadors join hands on stage Event chairs Darci and Jack Overstreet say a few words Darci and Jack Overstreet did a great job as event chairs Auctioneer Gary Corbett ratchets up some bids
Emcee Molly Hughes displays one of the Omega watches, which were part of the Apollo II auction package The room listens to the auction Kuni Lexus' Gregg Stone takes the stage to present the keys to the winner bidder of the luxury Lexus hybrid Eric and Laura Marsh, winners of the 2010 Lexus HS250H with Gregg Stone of Kuni Lexus
Eric and Laura Marsh were actually the second winners of the luxury Lexus hybrid--the first winner donated it back to be auctioned again. The drummer for Loggins & Messina Jim Messina takes the stage Jim Messina says hi to the crowd
Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina, reunited Kenny Loggins still has an awesome voice Loggins & Messina launch into their old favorites Kenny Loggins up close
Jim Messina is enjoying performing for the sellout crowd Jim Messina shows off his talents Jim Messina singing an old favorite Loggins and Messina playing to a packed stage
Band members for Loggins & Messina      
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