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November, 19 2009 - The Adoption Exchange Honors Ron & Nastassja Zappolo

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Bouquets did a splendid job with the decorations Some of the live auction items await high bids Christy and Pete Kopp Jarmin Smith and Dee Kennedy
Board member Marj Soldan and her husband Bill Silent auction items tempt guests Susan and Earl Bowick BJ Dyer and Guenther Vogt of Bouquets created some imaginative centerpieces for the "You are the Missing Piece" event
Steve and Vicky Martin Audra and Mike Elan Bill and Mary Schweitzer Tina and Chris Hutchinson, of sponsor Wendy's, with Adoption Exchange ED Dixie van de Flier Davis Ed.D.
Mary and Warren Washington Bouquets' Guenther Vogt (vice-chair) with Adoption Exchange's Marion Neiser David and Pat See, left, Jonathan and Simone Jones and Ken and Kathy Delgado Jim and Beth Bistany
Kim Wermuth, left, and Jennifer Lupo Dr. Dixie van de Flier Davis, left, with Epicurean's Larry and Jill DiPasquale Board member Pam Kiker with her grandfather, Al Chesser Courtney and Larry Barnaby (board member)
Tony and Trish Crawfurd, who presented the Wednesday's Child Award, with Samaiah and Elijah Chad and Joy Rathbun Lori and Bill Young of MillerCoors Dorothy and Darrell Noble
Ryan and Sharalyn Naef Dave Emmons and Cindy Kean Rich and Karen Walker Mary and Tim Dailey
Brent Neiser (past board member) and Rich Harris (board member) Adoption Exchange's Marion Neiser, left, and Janet Perlstein, who provides her services as general counsel to Adoption Exchange pro bono Mark Funk and Lori Palmer Bruce and Michelle Proctor
David and Marcia Christofferson (past chairs of this event, sponsors, and board members) Paula and Barry Bauer Ken and Andrea Lund Angela and Josh Van Manen
Carol Ammon, left, Stefen Ammon and Jen Ammon Platinum sponsor Jim Padgett, left, and board chair Ray Nutt Wendy Wanger, left, and board member Melissa Peden Susan Coppeak, left, and Mary Joy Stead
George and Heidi Frye Mike and Candis Goins, left, with Denise and Dan O'Brien Frances and Robert Brown Jacki Hinton and David Boone
Moiria and Steve Sangalis General counsel Janet Perlstein with board member David Christofferson Cindy and Scott Affelt Kathy and August Geise
Vice-chair Guenther Vogt, left, with Dave and Jane Christie Dana and Chas Apple--Chas is a world-renowned chef, who offered a custom dinner for eight as a live auction item James Jensen, left, Bonnie and Paul Zueger and event chair Brad McNealy Jerre Stead, left, Judy and Harvey Martz and Allen and Catherine Amis
Sarah Donovan, left, and Judith King Barbara and Kurt Kaven Greg and Michelle Karl of Epicurean Catering, left, with Bouquets' BJ Dyer Joanne and Tim Murphy of MillerCoors
Mark and Lee Van Loucks Larry Meadows, left, Kathleen Sullivan, John Sullivan, Tracy and Norty Frickey Dave Wedmore and Kathy Tourney Fred and Barb Fielder
Allen and Catherine Amis, left, with Josh and Angela Van Manen Mark and Marianna Tanguay CBS4's Tom Mustin did a great job as emcee Tom Mustin makes a few announcements
Mike Allen, left, with Wendy and Tim Campbell Steve Fernalld, left, Jen and Brad Pauls and Greta Cleary Penny Newton, left, John McKinney and Noel McKinney Honorees Ron and Nastassja Zappolo
Pianist Larry Wegner entertained guests before dinner Judith Walker, left, Lina Shipman, Kalleen Malone and Susan Noble Ed and Jody Gruben Volunteer Faye Crowe hunts down raffle buyers
Kim Brown and little Deacon The MillerCoors table Emcees Tom Mustin and Brooke Wagner of CBS4 did a superb job Event chairs Carol and Brad McNealy
Board chair Ray Nutt says a few words The event chairs, co-chairs and emcees on stage Stage participants clap as the awards are ready to be presented LIttle Samaiah gets ready to present flowers on stage
The Crawfurds get ready to present the Wednesday's Child Award The Crawfurds on stage Honoree Ron Zappolo began his speech with "I'm not usually accustomed to public speaking...." Honorees Ron and Nastassja Zappolo
Honorees Ron and Nastassja Zappolo say a few words The Zappolos accept the Wednesday's Child Award Ron Zappolo gives his wife Nastassja a kiss The honorees and presenters on stage
Co-chair Brad McNealy carefully describes the tax advantages of giving to the Adoption Exchange Auctioneer Terry Wiedeman wratches up bids Dr. Dixie van de Flier Davis and Brad McNealy on stage Executive Director Dixie van de Flier Davis Ed.D. addresses the crowd
Dixie van de Flier Davis thanks everyone for their support Dixie van de Flier Davis tells some stories about successful adoptions The theme "You are the Missing Piece" flowed throughout the evening, and was a metaphor for the paddle raiser Singer/songwriter Kelley Hunt sang some great rhythm and blues
Kelley Hunt and her band Kelley Hunt gets into the musical set Kelley Hunt crooning some tunes  
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