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February, 06 2010 - Artma: Creativity Combined with Compassion

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Just one of five groups of volunteers get a last minute briefing before the event. Product of the Mannequin Project made by some of the kids that Artma helps to heal Mark, Sylvie and contributing artists Camille and Danielle Duncan Artists Jean Pless, left, Virginia Wood and Barbara DeMalie
MJ McCoy with Liz Whitley Chris Renda with husband, artist David Sprouse Supporters line up for the always popular sushi boat from Japon Artist Rita Derjue with Adam Lerner, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
Dana Breese with artist Hal Gould Brody Hall with artist Rory Palazzo Chuck Weintstein and Ellen Servetar, left, with Pat and Tom Givens This sign said it all: "Our heartfelt thanks to all Artma paticipants and supporters!"
Reed Weimer, left, Verity Freebern, Sara Porter-Osborne and Kelton Osborne Myles Krick with his creation Tiffany Tyson, Alison Schaffer and Peggy Bowdouris--Simple Sugar! The Bing! girls: Bara and Lori
Marilyn (Monroe) and Sean (Connery) Manning Artist Judith-Cassel Mamet and husband Sam Mamet Ayan and Joe Hancock Paig and Trent Peaker
Morgan Adams founders Steven Adams and Joan Slaughter Co-emcees: 9NEWS Kyle Dyer and comedian George McClure Steven, Kyle, George and Joan The crack team of auction volunteers, take a moment to smile
Supporters Peg Ayan and Kate Buck Connor and Karrie McBryde Artists Bari De Jaynes and Pedro Saldarriaga Artist JoAnne Hoffman
Kristy Rowe with Drew Neilson James, Ariel and Orion Himes Staphanie and Dr. Joe Coniglio Artist Martha Pinkard-Williams with husband David Williams
Susie Fitzgerald and Bobbi Walker of Walker Fine Art The Robin Ruscio Trio, featuring Jeff Jenkins on piano, Chris Lee on drums and Robin Ruscio on bass. John Pocernich, Kathleen Perry, William Biety, Director of the Sandy Carson Gallery Artists Tatjana Krizmanic and Shasha Meyerowitz
Artist, guest speaker and recipient of Foundation support Gabrielle Bayless Boulder Realtor Anna Gayer, left, with Melissa Page DPD Lt. Paul Pazen and Det. Rueben Gomez enjoy a sushi break Master of Ceremonies George McClure announces as each gallery closes
Natalie and Max Mauritz Heather Blalock and Donnie Sersana Volunteers Caitlin Flynn and Angela Sierra Twitchy Cat By D.D. La Roue
Colorado philanthropists Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld Mistress of Ceremonies Kyle Dyer lights up the podium with her smile Friends of Morgan reminisce about her Supporters alternate between smiles and tears while viewing a film that shows who and what their contributions go towards
Adam Lerner lends a hand, and says, "bid, or my mother will be dissapointed in me!" Each piece of this lounge chair was painted by a differnt Artma artist Auctioneer Dave Welton in action and in motion Volunteers gave bidders a chance to see the items up close
Kyle Dyer describes one of the live auction items Dave Welton gets a hand from volunteer Aowyn Soane Karen Hutchinson rose to the podium and shared her story, of her son surviving cancer "I've got two thousand over here, two, two, two, do I have two and a half?"
Bidder jumps the bid to $3,000 to support the Morgan Adams Foundation Joan Slaughter holds up two kinds of chips, one good for your soul, the other for your tummy Let the chips fly where they may Some bidders like the chips so much they bid again
Morgan Killop shows off her chip throwing technique George McClure expresses his gratitude to all who came to support the work of the Foundation, on behalf of the founders, staff, volunteers and sponsors Lindsey Worthen, left, Morgan Killop, Gabrielle Bayless and Morgan Killop --cancer survivors, chip throwers  
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