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February, 20 2010 - ArtReach Dine & D'art .. On the Run Again

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Volunteers Monica Bolles (l) and Mary Carrothers are ready to entice guests with some colorful mystery gifts. Lucia De Giovanni (l) and Julie Harris are both contributing artists Sheri McPhail (l) with Leif Hojem and Tammy Emmanuel, an Art Donor for the event Volunteers Barrett Miller (l), Christine Kennedy and Jamie Neuhart greet the guests with a smile
Jeff Johnson-Grimes (l) and volunteer Mike Gulinski came dressed in their finest tennis shoes Newlyweds Douglas and Mallorie Rouse add a little color to this blacktie event Artist Douglas Rouse looks as much of a work of art as his painting that he has contributed From Denver Magazine, Steve Munyon and Cori Brown
A look at one of the fabulous pieces of art up for grabs in the D'art - design by Dr. George Dorry Noble Elegance Design Art is everywhere at the ArtReach event Eric Matelski shows off his "artfully" designed jacket Eric Matelski (l) with artist Robert Melton standing next to his donated work, and Tom Ward
Susan & Vick Kent stroll through the art before the D'art Blacktie-Colorado's Kenton Kuhn with his wife, Nancy Hopper and auctioneer Gary Corbett Melissa Schwartz (l) with J Madden and Linda Poletti Artist Ray Young-Chu (l), Woo Chu, ArtReach President Marc Cutilletta, Adrienne Cutilletto and Alexandra Hoppe
Dancers from the Mudra Dance Studio perform for guests before the dinner program A Tropical Island dinner buffet was provided by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Catering & Event Services Leif Hojem and Tammy Emmanuel are enjoying this art filled evening Last years award recipient, Bernadette Burger (l) with Betty Emmanuel, both art donors for the event
Karye Wilhelm with ArtReach onstage to welcome guests and to present the evening's program Dave & Cindy Hayes, ArtReach board member with Bernadette Burger Bernadette Burger and daughter Cindy Hayes show off their whimsical hand painted tennis shoes designed just for ArtReach Artists Scott Ramsay and Lisa Vargo
Executive Director Karla Johnson-Grimes receives a bouquet of flowers from President Marc Cutilletta in recognition for her committed efforts to ArtReach Executive Director Karla Johnson-Grimes speaks to the guests of the ongoing mission of ArtReach before announcing this year's award recipients The 2010 Ginger Merelli Special Events Volunteer Award is accepted by Sarah Gulinska on behalf of recipients Jack and Rita Shuster Sarah Gulinska, ArtReach Development Director (r) holds the beautiful sculptured glass award with the award designer, Agnes Sanchez
Honorary Chair Mary Caulkins shares a few words with the evening's guests President Marc Cutilletta presents the 2010 ArtStar Award to Adam Lerner, who is delighted to receive this award 2010 ArtStar Award recipient Adam Lerner shares his enthusiasm about receiving this award tonight 2010 ArtStar Award recipient Adam Lerner during a more serious moment as he is humbled by the ArtReach award
Award recipient Adam Lerner and President Marc Cutilletta do a happy little "tennis shoe Doe-sy-Doe" on stage Anastasia Lawrence from the Youth Reach Program shares her appreciation for having ArtReach in her life Auctioneer Gary Corbett does what he does best, getting some enthusiastic bidding going on during the live auction Sophie Johnson-Grimes and her dad Jeff take a few moments before the D'art begins to look over the art a final time
A sample of some of the art that guests will be D'art-ing for Even this cute little sculptured gal shows off the theme of the evening with her sassy tennis shoes Honored guests Adam Learner and his wife Elissa Auther Denver Magazine's Wendy & Michael Ledwitz go toe to toe with who has the best shoes for the event
An overview of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science as guests make their way towards the D'art portion of the evening Waiting to watch the festivities from the second floor are Ashley Wingfield (l) with Artist Sean Thompson and Noelle Riccardella, an ArtReach board member Artist Chris Guarino (l) with Holly Gimple and Josh Konwinski bring some steampunk style to the D'art Guests cruise the room a final time to check out the art for the D'art
Adam Lerner d'arts to the back of the room to claim his prize Frank Valdez and Brad Ramsey are quite pleased with their newly claimed art piece by Laurie Maves Adam Lerner stands next to the piece he will be taking home - art by Arturo Solas, donated by Dr. Dean Prina Doug and Lisa Stewart are waiting to D'art off to claim their work of art
Doug and Lisa Stewart present their new painting from artist Eric Matelski Patty Hill (l) and Molly Ross, board member pose next to this painting by artist Katie Hoffman Susan & Vick Kent pose with artist Rick Winkler and the trio of framed art that they won this evening Artist Douglas Rouse is pleased that Helen Qualls and Ron Jacobs are the proud new owners of his painting
President Marc Cutilletta and Karye Wilhelm draw names for a few lucky D'art participants for a special second round Patty Hill (l) and Molly Ross stand next to a second piece of art that they claimed this evening Spero and Georgia Armatas are happy about their new artwork by artist Robert Melton Spero and Georgia Armatas are happy about their new artwork by artist Robert Melton
Cindy & Dave Hayes claimed this beautiful Watercolor piece by artist Cal Johnson Blacktie tennis shoes to compliment ones blacktie attire Proud new art owners Alex & Mindi Armatas pose with artist Patricia Saldarriaga Artist Brian Comber stands next to his piece and the happy new owners Kevin Fonk and Lilah Koudelka
Artist Eric Halborg and Noelle Riccardella cozy up next to Eric's art piece Nancy Zorensky takes home this whimsically painted chair from Artist Kay Ray    
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