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April, 16 2010 - Kempe Takes Manhattan via Denver

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Lou Bindner, left, chats with Rob Clark Karen and Dale Flowers, left, with Virginia Bray Georgia's daughter Stacy Ohlsson, left, with Virginia Bray Debby and Dave Fisher, left, with Michele Falivene and Francisco Garcia
Bill Gold, left, with Essie and Jordan Perlmutter Margot Gilbert Frank and Allan Frank, one of the sponsors of the event Ed and Pam Diamond Committee member Nancy Koontz, left, with Jan and Gil Hammond
Jill Behr, left, John and Joan French Foundation President/CEO Jesse Wolff, left, First Lady Jeannie Ritter and Walt Imhoff David and Robin Savitz Board member Nicole Ament, left, J.J. Ament, Brad and Diane Bernero
Melanie and Rikard Lundberg, left, with Kevin and Dorinda Cudney Event chairs Gail and George Johnson George Johnson's sister, Nina Hanselmann, left, with Keith and Cindi Burge Deb Smith, left, with Arnold and Myrtle Roane (past Alliance board president)
Committee member John Farnam, left, with Mary Kinsey and Paul Heitzenrater Rebecca Martin and Sheldon Sager Debby Fisher, left, chair Gail Johnson and Kristina Richardson Marsha Temple, left, Ginny Messina and committee member and Alliance Board President Ryta Sondergard
Rob and Ruth Beriault, left, with Kelly and Dave Storrs Annette Finesilver, left, with Dr. Jules Amer (honorary board member) and Marilyn Amer Bryan Pulte and Chris Yaros Don and Arlene Johnson
Ron Abreu, left, with Ed Novak Edie Marks, left, Walt Imhoff, Patty Imhoff and Randy Ohlson Douglas Kerbs, left, Patricia Barela Rivera, Judi Wolf and Dr. Dean Prina Marvin Wolf, left, chats with John Head
Debi Medved gives a hug to Michael Dunahay Blacktie's Jerry DeWitt with Karen Storsteen Mike and Pegi Touff with Lynn Taussig Molly and Jesse Wolff, President and CEO of the Foundation
Mark and Becky Barnes, left, with Molly and Jesse Wolff Kenton Kuhn and his wife Nancy Hopper. Kenton came to pay tribute to his late friend and co-founder of Blacktie, Georgia Imhoff Marty and Molly Moore, left, with Jeff and committee member Ruth Bennis John and Beverly Karns
Chairs Gail and George Johnson welcome everyone Gail and George Johnson in a light moment 7News meteorologist Mike Nelson was an excellent emcee Karen and Carl Lombardo, left, with corporate chairs Maureen and Ren Cannon
Dr. Andrew Sirotnak, interim director of the Kempe Center, says a few words Honorary chair Jamie Angelich says a few words of support Jamie Angelich gives one of her 1,000-watt smiles Auctioneer Rick Rolf gets the crowd going
Jamie Angelich's brother and sisters in from Texas to support her and Kempe: Susan Arnold, Chris Barber and Bunny Miles Michael Dunahay, owner of the Sculpture House on Genesee Hill, offers it up for a party night for the live auction Michael Dunahay talks about the party he is donating at his famous house, also to include Mike Shanahan as special guest The Italian Swavorski capelette offered up for auction
The decor in the show room was reminiscent of Studio 54 in the '70s Teresa Kennedy, decor chair, stands next to the fabulous ice sculpture in the Broadway Revue room Go-go girls stand with Rob Schenk of Showtech Kempe Foundation President/CEO Jesse Wolf says a few words of thanks and welcome
Jesse Wolff reflects on the past year Board chair Jon Kruljac says a few heartfelt words. Jon Kruljac reads a poem he wrote for the late Georgia Imhoff Miriam Abreu, left, and Gail Johnson pay an emotional tribute to the late Georgia Imhoff
Miriam Abreu and Gail Johnson get ready to present a special commemorative award to the Imhoff family Walt Imhoff--no words Students from the Denver School of the Arts perform for the crowd Denver School of the Arts students show off their talents.
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