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May, 06 2010 - Hattitude for the DCPA rules the Seawell Grand Ballroom

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DCPA welcomes the Women with Hattitude Patricia Tully, left, Jan Rosen, Bea Wilhite and Barbara Pierce--style grace and beauty Claudette, Sweet, in furs and feathers, Bettye Ellis, Delores Martin, Aquilla McKnight, Rae Taylor, JoAnne Howard and Florence Stark. These ladies make Hattitude look natural Nepeta Godec, committee member, left, Lorraine Salazar, Lyn Schaffer and committee member Sharon Gelt add a touch of elegance.
Louise Rouse, left, with special contributor Lynette Morrison and Dorothy Pierson Committee member Beth Holt, left, with Jan Cunningham, Barbara Parks and Corinne Sehieman Kristy Marshall with Pam Lehman A cornucopia of colors and styles with Bobbi Moore, left, Zana Herkel, Elenore Grow and Pat Wakhar
Veils, feathers and lace: Jan Rosen, left, Pat Croft, Gretchen Pope and Daphne Mosko, who created her own hat. Lovie Cunningham, left, with Ann Jesse The only word for this group is “wow”: Felisha Scott, left, Bridgit Moller, last year's winner, Stephinity Salazar, Daphne Mosko, Tiffany Smyth and Beverly Bentley Veronica Grafner, left, Katharine Johnson and Mary Jean Nusbaum
Sandra Roberts,left, and Deb Mitchell Peggy Larson, left, Keri Christiansen, Trisha Hood, Chelsea Russell and Katherine Zevalki, a contrast between evening and day wear Fatima Dias, left, Louise Rouse, Mary Mosher and Stephanie Odak show that the day was filled with beauty, creativity and imagination Montine Hansl, left, in a Spanish inspired number and Barbara Brides in bright purple flowers
Teri Fisher, left, joins Kristin Reinhart, Travis Faust and Desiree Martinez Erica Reyes and Kacey Burke surround a very lucky and well-dressed Dan Ritchie, Chairman and CEO of the DCPA Ohlala and Ole--Margaret Jackson, left, and Juanita Chacon Jil Rosentrater, left, and Sharon Linhart a study in feathers and flowers
Danny Showers tickles the ivories The room was afloat in hats and smiles Blacktie Colorado’s own Nancy Koontz with Teri Fisher The talented Denise Plante, host of KOSI’s Colorado & Company
In little black dresses, Sharon Magness Blake, left, and Gayle Novak of the Denver Center Alliance Keri Christiansen, left, with event sponsor Debi Tepper DCPA publicist Chris Swieger with Corolyn Fost and Jamie Alexander, DCPA Audience Development coordinator Layne Fleishman, left, Susanne Brown, Denise Snyder , Barbara Jackson and Patti Shyne
In hats reminiscent of the fabulous '40s, Georgia Akey, left, Sandra Walston and special contributor Lois Paul Kent Thompson sporting a “Mama Hated Diesels" cap Playwright Michele Lowe in her New York dashing hat “Mama Hated Diesels” co-writer/actor Charles Weldon
The rowdy band from “Mama Hated Diesels” sings a couple of numbers from the musical Michele Lowe and Linda Mitchell, DCPA Associate Director of Development, help out with the drawing for special prizes An elegant golden ensemble Regal purple and black
The lady in red is having a whole lot of fun Fashion south of the border style Now this lady has hattitude! An exotic goddess dances down the ramp
The parade of hats From all the hats present these stood out for the judges as the most outstanding: Ruth Sanchez, Ida Gice-Smith and Chantell Green with emcee Denise Plante Already thinking about next year's hats--Ann Kirby, left, Rose Willams and Diana Doktor The informal parade of hats
Time for cocktails? Committee member Sharon Whiton Gelt shows off not only her hat but also her flowers    
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