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June, 10 2010 - Goodwill comes to Boulder

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Outside the new Boulder store Some of the many departments Brightly lit interior Wendy Rice, left, Ric Berninzoni (VP Retail Operations), Connie Berninzoni
Buffet by Pines at Genesee Michael Lancaster, guitarist Leila Foote, left, Diane Smith, Caryn Brader, Lena Garcia (Boulder Store Manager), Ron Underwood Ed Barber, left, Jeff Ayers (Director, Retail), Matt McClellan
Felicia Gerlach, left, Stephanie Rollberg Rachel Howard, left, Marina Lanteman checking in guests Brandi Keltner from the Funky Brewster Desserts by Tee & Cakes
Linda Hernandes, left, Rosa Avena enjoying cappuccino Elijah with his new friend Goodwill's display Joyce Schlose, left, Rich Otterstetter, Wayne Lagrone
Maya Rice, left, Victoria, Alvaro Torrico, Melissa Lane, Steffie Mongar, Stuart Mizrahi Jenny Vigil, left, Jimmie Vigil with their new purchase Anthony Simmers looking at electronics Ashley and James Barr
Judith Nowlin, left, Jennifer Cates with a selection of sporting goods Ron Underwood, left, Tammy Hilgeford (District Manager) in the seasonal clothing section Ed Serpas talks with George Bogdewiecz, Goodwill's Interim President/CEO Jack Mozena, left, Ed Barber
Ed Sherpas, left, Jeff Ayers, Maya Rice, Scott Brethour, Matt McClellen on the Goodwill patio John Coletta checking out books Robert Bogatin, left, Mike Pritchard (VP Fund Development), Marla Stauth talk about their purchases Guests checking out the Showcase
Ric Berninzoni talking to the crowd Lena Garcia Goodwill employees Lena Garcia cutting the ribbon
Ric Berninzoni talking about Goodwill Lots of shoppers James Jacobs and Ashley Jacobs buying from cashier Robyn Lopez Stephanie Andelman, left, Mary Jarret buying from cashier David Sanders
Stephanie Andelman and John Putnam with their purchases The Mejia family with David Sanders Joyce Doyle, left, Geneva Casias, Tammy Hilgeford Kris Urbonas (Boulder Chamber of Commerce), Tim Welker, Julie Welker on the Goodwill patio
A shopping cart full of recycled treasures Wendy Rice in the women's clothing Linda Murray, left, and Cathy Kidder discuss clothes Janine Zumerchik with her purchase
Kristen Blessman, left, and Nancy O'Dorisio Reed Embrey, left, Gary Chrystal with Reed's Choice Jeni Anderson cashing out  
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