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June, 10 2010 - The VOA Guild Presents "A Chance to Believe"

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Stone Legends jewelry table Stone Legends by designer Cathy Marquis Emily Tarleton (left), Cathy Herran Kathy Klugman (left), Judy Bowman
VOA volunteers Tracy Register (left), Mindy Chambers, Melissa Meyer, Erika Nelson Conrad, Kristen Reming, Kathleen McCool, Christel Maldonado Volunteers of America Emily Tarleton (left), Cathy Marquis (Stone Legends Jewelry), Deb Riddell (VOA) Heather Spencer (community affairs specialist) (left), Terri Fontenot (board member, Wishing Well chair)
Mary Beth Heller Deb Smith (board member) (left), Ann DeGroat (Guild president and event chair) Marni Jameson (left), Susan Beane Deb Smith (left), Terri Fontenot
Mary Bock-Zarlengo (left), Carole Haycock, Dianne Zarlengo Deb Riddell (program coordinator) (left), Russell Reilly (division director) Kathy Klugman (left), Dawn Nakamura Kessler, Jerilyn Bensard Shonna Dudley (left), Danielle Jurrens
Virdelle Miller (left), Kathleen McCool Ann DeGroat (left), Marni Jameson, Evie Ashmore Ann DeGroat (left), Marni Jameson, Evie Ashmore Pat Robinson (honorary chair, Denver Post/Media Group) (left), Layne Fleishman
Marni Jameson (left), Pat Robinson Gayle Novak (left), Marni Jameson, Ed Novak Marni Jameson (left), Diana Murdy, Lana Lee Ann DeGroat (left), Dianna Kunz (president and CEO), Marni Jameson
Paula DeGroat (left), Ann DeGroat judy Bowman (left), Jamie Angelic, Jerilyn Besard Myrna Mourning (past Guild president) (left), Marni Jameson Ann DeGroat (left), Susan Keily, Marni Jameson
Marni Jameson (left), Paula Boyka Stacy Freimuth (left), Dena Penders Ann DeGroat (left), Irene Zarlengo (Guild founder) Best-selling author Marni Jameson autographs a copy of her book
Marni Jameson autographing her book Marni Jameson with husband Dan Roth and daughter Marissa Emcee Denise Plante from Colorado & Co., and KOSI 101.1FM Pat Robinson
Attendees enjoying lunch Denise Plante (left), Denise Snyder (Mariel Clothing)    
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