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June, 26 2010 - Supporters Cowboy Up for The Children's Hospital Giddy-Up Gala

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Susan Krage, left, with Mark and Jannelle Johnson Craig and Christie Larson Gerry Miale, left, Linda Hughes, Jennifer Matheson, Ian Matheson and Fred Miale Gary Constant, left, Sue and Kirk Larsen
Darlene and John McGovern, left, Dave Greiner and Kris Wintroub Special signs were created for the event to direct guests to various diversions such as the bourbon tasting or the cigar room The boot shining room came in handy Anne Chandler, left, and Susan Giltner (happy birthday!)
Joan Bothner, left, and Jena Hausmann, part of the "Giddy-Up Girl's Night Out" group Gail and Kim Koehn Mike O'Dair and his daughter Shannon Melcher Shelley and Bob Thompson, left, Stephanie Seebaum (steering committee), Christine Trigg and Julie Dunn
Bob and Carolyn Osman, left, and John and Janna Hower Julie Smith, left, Sara Streich and Mike Clark Nancy Sachs, left, Laura Christman and Amy Quinn Bob Deibel, left, Anita and Erik Isernhagen
Mary and Michael Desmond, part of the steering committee Larry Kruse, left, Greg Friess, Kristen Irwin, Todd Ruff and Pat Murphy Goldie Cohen, President and CEO Jim Shmerling, Rhona Cohen and Hevy Mantel John and Michelle Olson, left, and Kim and Roger Herman
Kevin and Nancy Barden, left, Bill and Linda Salzbrener, Rhonda Kay (steering committee) and Bob Diack John Dyer, left, Sara and Tom Bradbury, Randy Hertel (steering committee) The group from RK Mechanical Barb and Fred Fisher
Brad and Jennifer Cofield, left, Catherine Kornbrust (steering committee) and Terry Stanford Scott and Lynn Greenhalge, left, and Connie and Leland Roy Steve Cohen, left, Aileen Sanders and Gail Cohen Matt Davis, left, Patty Moser, Jami Jansen and Brus Osborne
Stefaan Marien, left, Sharon Leone (steering committee), Chuck Leone, Kim and Drew Haywort Guests getting their photo taken in Giddy-Up garb President and CEO Jim Shmerling with his leadership team Jennie Dawe, left, Melissa and Ty Little, Sarah and Bruce Kabat
Congressman Mike Coffman, left, his wife Cynthia and Dave Greiner Ed Callaway, left, Bill Lawrence, Anne Hanson and Mark Godfrey Dave Williams, Vic and Krista Ferrari, Ian Matheson, Make Anton and Fred Miale Rick and Dianna Newsome enjoy the loungers in the cigar room
Todd Koechlein, left, Annie Zrubek and Corporate Chair Charlie Graft Victoria and Kiki Hatfield partake in the cigar room Guests get special cigar treatment Bob and Christine Trigg, left, Katie Johnson and Carolyn Burnett
John Mathie gets ready to sample a special bourbon Academy Award winner Paula Dupre' Pesman, left, John Mathie and Curt Pesman Robin Legg orchestrates the bourbon tasting King Soopers' Russ Dispense and Deb Dispense. King Soopers donated the steak for the dinner for 700+ guests.
Erik Larsen, left, Ryan Headley and Rob Dawe One of the specially autographed guitars available at silent auction Todd Ruff, left, Lee Means, Bill Salzbrener and Kevin Barden Tom and Jill Tarver
Corporate co-chairs Charlie Graft, and Mike Palumbo, left, with Kiki and Victoria Hatfield The Children's Hospital's Mary Lou Houston and Steve Winesett, president and CEO of The Children's Hospital Foundation Robert Matz and Peggy Warner Keith and Amy Casseri. Amy is TCH's Chief Strategy Officer
Brad and Jennifer Cofield of sponsor Wagner Electric A view of the beautiful venue, Crooked Willow Farms More than 700+ supporters came out to enjoy the evening Country music star Lee Ann Womack with The Children's Hospital ambassador, Charlie Meserve
The Children's Hospital ambassadors Ayla and Amanda Charness get their photo taken with Lee Ann Womack Doug and Kari Mangers, from presenting sponsor Phipps McCarthy Peter Culshaw, chair of the Foundation Board, with his daughter Kelly and wife Cathy Cathey Finlon, chair of TCH board of directors with her husband Richard
Dee and Dr. Steve Daniels--Dr. Daniels is the chair of TCH's Department of Pediatrics Crooked Willow Farms' Cameron Fitch and Jami Jensen A rainbow graces the sky around Crooked Willow Farms Add Mother Nature to the list of sponsors for serving up this spectacular rainbow
People were able to take home one of these special horses for $200 Emcee Kim Christiansen did a great job Kim Christiansen makes a point Corporate chair Charlie Graft talks with TCH ambassador Charlie Meserve
Doug Mangers of Phipps/McCarthy accepts a token of appreciation from Charlie Meserve Charlie Graft, left, and Doug Mangers with TCH ambassador Charlie Meserve, 10. TCH's Lindsey Alexander presents Kristin Kobland the award for guessing the closest to the weight of the pig "Lola." (A svelt 913 pounds) Dr. Steve Daniels, chief of the Department of Pediatrics at TCH, says a few words
Kim Christiansen looks for high auction bidders Kim Christiansen, left, talks with auction donor Carrie Fell Jami Jensen just bought herself a truck. Corporate Chairs Mike Palumbo, left, and Charlie Graft thank everyone
Corporate Chairs Mike Palumbo, left, and Charlie Graft have a few comments before the show Charlie Graft and Mike Palumbo bring up TCH ambassadors Charlie (10), Christian (7) and Ayla (9) Charlie Graft and Mike Palumbo with TCH ambassadors Charlie, Christian and Ayla. Ayla told everyone why she was involved with TCH, which was something unprounouncable by most people, and then said "say that fast three times." Irene and Jeff Gartz go home with their special horse
Kids enjoy their new horses President and CEO Jim Shmerling says a few words President and CEO Jim Shmerling introduces country star Lee Ann Womack Lee Ann Womack and her band
Lee Ann Womack sings one of her hits Lee Ann Womack took a tour of The Children's Hospital earlier in the day Lee Ann Womack sings a heartfelt verse Lee Ann Womack gets into her music
The Children's Hospital ambassadors watch the show from the donated truck from Len Lyall Chevrolet Lee Ann Womack and her band Lee Ann Womack smiles for the crowd Lee Ann Womack takes a tour through her hits
Country music promoter Steve Jones, left, enjoys the show with President and CEO Jim Shmerling      
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