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August, 31 2010 - The Children's Hospital Patrons Tickle the Ivories

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Mike and Theresa Miles settle in for a fun evening Diane Castleberry, left, Elizabeth Horne, Henry Gordon and Patsy Botts Leslie McKay, Associate VP for the Foundation, left, with Kelly Kennedy, Board Vice Chair (and incoming Chair) and Lorie Gordon Board member Evi Makovsky, left, Board Secretary Molly Broeren and Christy Belz
Teri Schreiner and Phil Doty Board and event Co-Chair Peter Culshaw gets an earful from Edie Marks Steering committee member Lori Marks-Connors, left, Event Co-Chair Cathy Culshaw and event planner Kelli Kindel GG Johnston, left, Christy Belz, Allison Levy and Heather Grady (Allison and Heather are steering committee members)
Sharla and Bob Hottman Les Lee with The Children's Hospital Foundation, left, John and Barbara Fernie Piano expert John Sherman entertained throughout the reception Kristin Tranernicht, left, Mary Lou Houston, Matt Seebaum and steering committee member Stephanie Seebaum
Aaron Grey, left, Robert Grey, Will Snider and Paula Grey Greg Carpenter of Opera Colorado, left, Andy Sirotnak, president of the medical staff at Children's and Jamie White, ED of the Colorado Film Foundation Darrene and Eric Hartmeister Brianna Poley and Jon Roach
Joe and Angela Powers, left, and Cassandra and Alex Poole Joyce Witte and Terry Otte Howard Noble, left, board member Susan Noble and Lawson Stiff Dennis and Helen Matthews
From sponsor Kuni Lexus (a beautiful new Lexus is up for grabs in the auction at the event): Laura and Gregg Stone Carol Moreno, left, Mark Donovan and Eddie Moreno David Orlovsky, left, Andy Levy and corporate committee member K.C. Veio Chady and Brad Johnston
Mike Katz, left, and Evan Makovsky Jim Burton, left, and Jerome Davis Nancy Sagar, left, and steering committee member Sylvia Atencio President and CEO of The Children's Hospital Jim Shmerling, left, with corporate committee member Bill Mosher
Steve and Dee Daniels Ryan and Mary Rhinehart, left, Jena and Kevin Hausmann and Mike Handler Steering committee members Layne Fleishman, left, Lyn Schaffer and Edie Bell BJ Dyer, whose Bouquets will once again be doing the decor for the gala, left, with Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons and Event Co-Chairs Cathy and Peter Culshaw
Some of the beautiful jewelry from Hyde Park that will be available in the live auction at the event Peggy Warner, VP at The Children's Hospital Foundation, left, Michael and Susan Cantrell and Christie Isenberg 8-year old singing sensation John John gets going on his rendition of "Don't Stop Believing."
John wraps it up with a fist-in-the-air crescendo Foundation President and CEO Steve Winesett thanks everyone for their support Steve Winesett delivers a few reminders about the event Steve Winesett makes a point
The Children's Hospital President and CEO Jim Shmerling talks about some new programs Jim Shmerling talks about why The Children's Hospital is among the top 10 children's facilities in the nation Event Co-Chair Peter Culshaw talks about the upcoming gala on Sept. 11 Event Co-Chair Peter Culshaw reads his notes about the event
Julie Headley and Cary Larger of The Children's Hospital Foundation flank Charlie Graft of GH Phipps, who just won himself a Cadillac by shooting a hole in one at the Phipps 20th annual golf tournament Kelli Kindel and sponsor American Airlines' Doug Cole Dueling pianos: John Sherman and Jeff Puszykowski Steve Edmonds, left, with Edie Bell and Lindsey Bell
Dr. Michael Schaffer and his wife Lyn Charlie Maguire with Anne Hanson and Susan Maguire Dick and Cathey Finlon, who is the Chair of the Board of The Children's Hospital Jason Domenico, left, with Andy Kalthoff and Mark Gagnon
John Sherman gets the crowd into the music John Sherman and Jeff Puszykowski play some sing-along tunes Craig Fleishman, left, and Blair Richardson The new Lexus from Kuni Lexus that will be available in the live auction at the event
Trying out the Harley Davidson that will be availabe in the live auction: Craig and Layne Fleishman      
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