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September, 11 2010 - The Children's Hospital Gala: What Matters Most

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The Children's Hospital Ambassadors: Ayla, left, Hannah, Kohl, Christian, Rikki and Amber From Pure-Brand, hostesses for the evening: Lara Day, left, Stacy Rose, Shannon Danitz, Michelle Janacek, Gillian Grefe Edie Bell, left, with Bill Mosher and board secretary Molly Broeren Matt and Stephanie Seebaum,(corporate committee) left, Molly Broeren and Bill Mosher
Katy and Marc Spritzer Event chairs Peter and Cathy Culshaw, left, with Bonnie and Peter Kudla, Metropolitan Homes Casey and Charlie Lamb, left, and Charles and Patti Ott TCH Foundation VP Peggy Warner, left, with steering committee chairs Rick and Janie Stoddard
Chefs waiting to serve up appetizers from one of the many creative food stations during the reception Olympic medalists Steve Holcomb (2-time bobsled gold medalist), Michelle Roark (2-time freestyle skiing gold medalist) and Hannah Pennington (3-time paralympian) await takers on the video contest Olympians Michelle Roark, left, Steve Holcomb and Hannah Pennington A young fan admires the gold medal of Olympian Steve Holcomb
Barry and Linda Koritz, left, and Doris Kemna There was a special scotch tasting table Karen and Garrett Baum Nick and Lisa Knudtson, left, Deb and Russ Dispense (President of King Soopers), Marc and Nora Dispense
Valerie and Charlie Walling Dr. Ronald Sokol, left, Lyn Schaffer, Dr. Michael Schaffer and Lori Sokol Lorrie and Dave Savage, VP of Operations for King Soopers Linda Goto, left, and Edie Marks
Adrienne and Jack Fitzgibbons Peter Taylor, Qwest's Teresa Taylor, TCH Board Chair Cathey Finlon and TCH President and CEO Jim Shmerling Elaine Harms, left, Mike Harms and Christy Belz Mike Bramham and Betsy Searle, TCH Foundation board member
Kim and Steve Winesett, President of TCH Foundation Jim Mulligan, left, Michael Touff, Jeff and Amy Handlin Alison and Ryan Ballard, left, Rachel Coel, Thushara Perera, Susan Fudge-Erickson and Mark Erickson David Alexander and Denver Hospice's Bev Sloane
Sheila and Hassan Salem, President, US Bank Peter Sidley, left, Dutch Rebhun, Gyda Flanigan, Amy Lemon, Paula Rebhun Lynne Ferguson, left, Susan Maguire, Beth Scannell, Carolin Petersen Anastasia Darwish and Adam VanDaele
Michael and Kelly Kennedy, left, Charlie and Diane Gallagher Peter Kudla, left, Ellen Robinson Schwartz, Eddie Robinson Joanna Ringsby, left, and Holly Butler Kelly Trujillo, left, Jason Koch, Keith and Michelle Callender
Bill and Lana Lindsay Chuck and Eileen Dubroff, left, Dave and Tomme Kaplan, Brett Green, Jenny Kaplan "Be Well" was one of the tempting silent auction tables Judy and Hoke Stapp, left, and Steve and Jody Perry
Bob and Stephanie Whittelsey, left, with Marshall and Kristi Burton Ted and Lisa Trask, left, with Jim Rouse and Barb Gallagher Wendy and Mike Handler, left, with Jim and Debbie Shmerling Andrew Sirotnak MD, Medical Staff President, left, with Jamie White of the Colorado Film Foundation
Bridget Grier, left, Meghan Zeissler, Maggie Armstrong and Chris Murray Bobbi Cox, left, Mike Allen, Jim and Wendy Campbell, Bonnie and Dave Moore Mark Rosenbaum, left, Leslie Schaeffer (TCH Foundation) and Pat Spieles Gary and Melissa Constant, left, with Stan and Janet Andrews
Bill and Teresa Elder, left, Tanya and Dr. Frank Accurso Arlene Hirschfeld, left, with Dick and Robin Kelly Pam and Dr. John Grossman chat with Arlene Hirschfeld Jeri Dayton, left, Mike Wingard, Denise Wall, Kim Wingard
Tracey Corbett and her auctioneer extraordinaire husband Gary Dr. Steve and Elaine Gantz Berman A beautiful ceramic setting for 12 from Mackenzie-Childs was a spectacular silent auction temptation donated by Neiman Marcus The stage decor
Neiman Marcus' Christel and Steve Dikeman Dr. Chris Robinson and Dr. Ed Orsini Beautiful centerpieces by Bouquets Judi Wagner, left, Susan Cantwell, Joe Wagner, Chuck Hazelrigg, Michael Cantwell
The EKS&H table The MDC Holdings/Richmond American Homes Foundation table, including Dave and Bonnie Mandarich Dr. Liz Kincannon and Dan Dahlberg The Culshaw family talks about their experiences with The Children's Hospital: event chairs Cathy and Peter with their daughters Alexa and Kelly
Mike Hughes and Karen Brody Jay Leno comes on stage with TCH ambassadors Kohl Benjamin, Hannah Kropp and Amber Roybal TCH Ambassadors Ayla Charness and Christian Moreno and Jay Leno Jay Leno interviews TCH ambassadors about what they want to be when they grow up
TCH Ambassadors with Jay Leno Hannah Kropp, left, Jay Leno, Amber Roybal Kohl Benjamin, left, Jay Leno and Hannah Kropp Christian Moreno with Jay Leno
Ayla Charness and Christian Moreno with Jay Leno Ayla Charness and Christian Moreno talk to Jay Jay Leno did a 45-minute comedy set Jay Leno during one of his humorous reflections
Jay Leno makes a point Jay Leno at his best Jay Leno had people rolling in the aisles Auctioneer Gary Corbett is joined by Jay Leno for the live auction
Gary Corbett and Jay Leno made a good auction team Gary Corbett and Jay Leno wratchet up bids Gary Corbett and Jay Leno work on bids The presentation of the keys from Kuni Lexus (Gregg Stone, second from right)to the high live auction bidder
Jay Leno signs an autograph for Ayla Charness Christian Moreno looks up to Jay Leno The Party on the Moon group came out raring to go Musicians from the Party on the Moon group
Dancers from Party on the Moon Performers from Party on the Moon Party on the Moon had things hoppin' to close out The Children's Hospital 2010 gala. Party on the Moon.
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