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September, 14 2010 - Blacktie Rolls Out New Programs

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Megan, Robb and Nancy get ready to greet guests Lori Emery from A Soft Place to Land, left, with Lori Greenly, Charity Gift Bank Kent Marich, SVGD, left, and Bill Clanton, working with Blacktie-Daily Chris Murphy and Andrea Viarrial, A-Dre Productions
Marianna Bagge, left, from Accelerated Schools and Paula Henry, Metro Volunteers Salye Stein chatting with Blacktie's Stacy Ohlsson Blacktie's Jerry DeWitt with Rhiannon Hendrickson, Orapin Marketing and Michelle Ellis, High Altitude PR Linda Bowen Scott, left, from Junior League and also Les Demoiselles of Denver Ballet and Marianne Piech, Community Resource Center
Lydell Peterson visits with Blacktie's Nancy Koontz Kayla Okator,left, Pamela Popp, Kent Marich and Howard Shaw, from SVGD Sherry Stegall, left, Sandy Jones, Theresa Johnson and Elfie Smith, from Zuma's Rescue Ranch Auctioneers extraordinaire flank Kenton Kuhn--Gary Corbett on left and Adam Kevil on right
Lauren Smith, left, Amber Banks, Nicole Keuhne, Janet Murray from Denver Daily News Marc Gilitz, Toni Oakes Sexton and Janet Murray of Wildflower Women's Foundation Charlotte Timmons, left, and Joan Rogliano of Wildflower Women's Foundation Mandy Anderson, left, from Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Sam Sokol from Tech Umbrella Group and Jerry DeWitt from Blacktie
LaFawn Biddle, left, and Nancy Bugbee from Institute for Life and Care Sally Hopper, left, David Stroh, Accelerated Telecommunications Assn. of Colorado, Joe Belmont and Renee Fajardo, MSCD Marla Swanson, left, and Olivia Hollingsworth, from WilLiv Center Monico Crespo, left, Reyna Lozano and Maria Lozano from MSCD
Brooke Schmidt, left, and Brus Osbourne from Epicurean Catering Blacktie President and CEO Kenton Kuhn talks with Jan and Peter Vandevanter, Personalize Media Leo Goto in front of his new venture, Leo Goto's Riverfront, 2852 W. Bowles Ave. in Littleton Beautiful flower decor at the entrance
Attractive place settings make Leo Goto's Riverfront a comfortable and relaxing place to dine This is a portrait that was given to Leo in the 1960s for his original Leo's Place. It is of Anna Held, Florence Ziefeld's first wife. Kenton Kuhn makes some announcements as Denver Daily News' Kristie Hannon looks on Kenton giving away door prizes
Kenton trying to get some people out on the dance floor Kenton, Gary Corbett and Kristie Hannon giving away door prizes Kenton Kuhn with Leo Goto and Kristie Hannon Leo Goto says a few words about his new venture. "My wife told me: 'How can I miss you if you're never gone?' so he opened a new restaurant.
Gary Corbett chats with Stacy Ohlsson, center, and Nancy Hopper Ken Berve, left, GACC & SP Inc., Andrea Viarrial, Vern Michael and Chris Murphy    
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