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September, 18 2010 - The Endangered Wildlife Trust and HawkQuest Seek to be the Voices for Endangered Creatures

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The HawkQuest falcon handlers are at the top of their game! Settling in from the drive, this beautiful bald eagle is ready to greet his many fans. L. to R.: Emmett Duemke, Marsha Duemke with Vanessa Bouwer du Pleissis of The Endangered Wildlife Trust. Emmett & Marsha Duemke have been friends, gracious hosts, and supporters of Vanessa and her conservation work for many years. A stunning HawkQuest falcon
What a friendly and attentive Eurasian Eagle owl! Whooo's this? A gorgeous Eurasian Eagle owl, and he seemed to love the audience. L. to R.: Toby Pippin, Marty Tinglehoff, Diane Hale, Fred Hale & Mike Money Kaylan Goodwin & Becky Workman
Diane Hale with Kent Fescenmeyer,, who was in from Washington D.C. visiting the Duemkes Connie Genova of The Crazy Merchant with Karen Milsap Jeff Rainey with Martha Kelce A proud American bald eagle. It's sad to think he is an endangered species.
From the top on down: Earle, Blaine, Dani, Madi - and the littlest member - Breck, all make up this "friendly faction" of the Duemke family (Earle is Marsha's & Emmett's son) Guests took pictures of the beautiful raptors. The cutest tiger bank helped raise funds for endangered animals. Kin Quitugua, founder of HawkQuest, is a true champion for non-releasable raptors due to injury or imprinting.
Ralph Bellizzi with host, Emmett Duemke Guests snapped up some great items at the silent auction. Bob Koontz with guest Barbara Piper "How cute am I?" says this beautiful bald eagle.
Elaine & Luis Borgen with their adorable daughter, Isabella The youngest member of the group - Tannen Duemke Neal, Niki and baby Tannen Duemke (Neal is Marsha's & Emmett's youngest son) Shelbie Davis displays some fancy leg warmers from the silent auction.
Guests were truly mesmerized by the HawkQuest raptors. Vanessa Bouwer du Pleissis came all the way from South Africa to speak to the guests and friends of the Duemke's. This is her 9th visit. A film about the endangered wildlife in Africa, such as cheetahs, was shown at the event. Vanessa talks about the long road ahead to save endangered wildlife. She also spoke about her beloved cheetah "Cibella" whom she met out in the wild. Cibella gave birth to five healthy cubs!
Young and old watch the presentation Kin and one of his trained staff kept the crowd's attention with their various talented raptors - like this (very well-behaved) hawk. Martha Kelce is called upon to assist Kin from HawkQuest. Martha Kelce says she learned a lot about the raptors during the presentation.
Vanessa takes some time to relax. This big guy can talk and whistle! Oh the places your mind can go when you see a beautiful film about the animals in Africa. "Are you talking to me?" says: Mr. "Harris" hawk
Do you like my head gear? It's custom made for me, the Peregrine falcon, and my other raptor buddies. Kin Quitugua loves what he does on behalf of nature preservation. Be very careful... "I have a fabulous headpiece on also," says Mr. bald eagle!
This beautiful mural was the backdrop for anyone who wanted a professional photo taken. Mike Money is riveted to the screen's wildlife presentation. Vanessa & Kin tag team the audience with all their vast knowledge of endangered species. Vanessa & Kin were asked some interesting questions.
Madi does a good job feeding and babysitting her cousin Tannen. Diane Hale with Mike Money and his wife - Jail Money (her real name!) A lone horse said goodbye to all the guests as they were leaving the presentation.  
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