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November, 02 2010 - AMC Men's Event

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Morton's Steakhouse Nicole Dewitt, left, Nancy Sagar, Ellen Robinson, Kathy Kortz and Nancy Levine Charlie Gallager, left, Eddie Robinson and David Palmer Guests enjoying the bar
Filet mignon ready to be cooked Patrick Gaines, left, Frieda Sands and Mark Kochevar Governor Ritter, left, Dr. Dan Theodorescu and Mark Kochevar Matt Baldner, left and Barry Hirschfeld
Alan Stein, left, David Mandorich and Mac Lippitt Dr. Dennis Roop, left and Tom Healy Bobby Pesvanto, left, Rahool Vora and Kuntal Vora John Fiedler, left and Michael Dooley
Pat Hamill, left, David Palmer, Michael Hancock and Joe Gallion Alan Stein, left and John Fuller David McReynolds, left, Charlie Brown and Al Timothy Leland Huttner, left and David Bershof
Gary Schwartz, left and Frank King Hank Robinson, left and Les Mendelson Gary Kortz, left, Todd Padgett and Tim Riedel Dr. Paul Maroni, left and Seth Dean
Jim Smith, left, and Ron Vaughn Dr. Dennis Battock, left, Don Kortz and Tom Castle Morton's serving staff Eric Weissmann, left and Rob Richardson
Scott Pringle, left, Sol Leftin, Sandy Feld, Mark Robinson and Gary Schwartz Andrew Thorburn, left and Al Marus Bill Bishop, left, and Charlie Kamen Eddie Robinson, left, John Robinson and Frank King
Charlie Brown, left, and Bradley Joesph Les Shapiro, left, and Bobby Pesvanto Les Shapiro welcomes the guests Tom Healy, left, and Theo Gregory
Mark Jones, left, and Bob Geurra Mark Kochevar, left, Tyrone James, Mark Rodrique and Dave Morton Guests enjoying dinner Event co-chairs
Dr. Dan Theodorescu, University of Colorado Cancer Center Director Dinner is served Gary Kortz - chairman, board of directors A full house attended the event
Happy winner Wayne Berger Sandy Feld discusses his prize Les Shapiro conducts the raffle Tim Riedel checks out his prize
Les Shapiro takes a bid during the auction David Eves looks at his new watch Ron Vaughn talks to friends Eric Weissmann wins the raffle grand prize
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