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January, 21 2011 - The Children's Hospital Foundation/ MAX 25th Anniversary Soiree

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The EXDO Events Center awaits hundreds of fashionistas Max Martinez and Diane von Furstenberg before the show Lesley Kennedy, left, and Suzanne Brown from the Denver Post MAX President Scott Seale in designer clothes and boots
Scott Seale with Luisella Melloni, on staff with DVF Girls night out Fred Tobey, left, Peggy White, Destiny and Whitney Marvin Mackenzi Bell-Nugent, left, and Forrest Bell
Lyn and Dr. Michael Schaffer Anne DeVries, left, and Kathy Coombs Julie Headley, left, Amy Stewart and Cary Larger, all with The Children's Hospital Matt Domich, left, Stanton Golding, Kevin McCabe and Kevin Reidy
Liz Arnold, left, Brooke Domich, Kristy Frankum (committee) and Michelle Golding (committee) Bill Mosher and Kaye Isaacs trying to keep up with the whirlwind that is Diana Reidy Ann and Kevin Reidy with their daughter Diana. Ann and Diana were honorary chairs for the event. Geoff Smart and his sister-in-law Amy Eakes
Lisa Speaker, (committee) left, and Ellen Connelly Mark Ritacco with Ann Ayers (committee), Kari McDonald and Courtney Kanouff Ann Reidy, left, Nancy Benson (committee) and Elizabeth Holder (who flew in for this event from Santa Monica) Jeanine Murphy, left, Laurie Korneffel (committee), Amanda Gurr and Jennifer Martin
Michael and Ellen Connelly, left, with Ron Speaker Kelly Burke, left, Kay Burke and Sue Shaffer Brenda and Hailey Thompson Kristie Harris, left, Ruth Freshman and Kay Allison
Stuart and Ellie Fine of Carbondale and Denver Sarah Kabat, left, Joanne Kleinstein, Jennie Dawe, Peggy Warner (VP at The Children's Hospital Foundation) and Andy Levy J Verger, left, and Donna Chrysler Marcy Benson (committee and sponsor), left, Amanda Ulrey, Molly Broeren, Cate Dobson and Shannon Guzman (committee)
Aimee and Gary Wagner Max Martinez with little Brooke (honoree and his niece), partner Scott Seale, Kathy and David Martinez (Max's brother) Laura Briger, left, Thomassen Davis and Jacqui Bryant Lyn Schaffer, left, and Kelli Kindel
Joy Dinsdale, left, Francie Palmer, Dr. Tahl Humes and Natalie Rekstad-Lynn Tammy Rudden, left, Joan Slaughter, Meg Macy and Terri Birdsong Andy Levy, left, Lee Alpert, Faye Gardenschwartz and Debbi Alpert Scottie Taylor Iverson, left, Lynne Hamstra (committee) and Frances Owens
Nina Ballenger, left, Brooke, Ann Reidy and Diana greet the crowd Nina Ballenger, Brooke, Ann Reidy and Diana are grateful for the care Brooke and Diana received at TCH Scott Seale and Max Martinez with the Max's sister Nina Ballenger, Brooke, Ann Reidy and Diana A toast to the supporters before the fashion show begins
Scott Seale and Max Martinez bring out TCH's Leslie McKay and Lindsey Alexander for some kudos Diane von Furstenberg greets the crowd as Max Martinez looks on Diane von Furstenberg tells the crowd about her career Diane von Furstenberg talking about the wrap dress, one of the things that made her famous
Designer footwear on DVF and Scott Seale DVF makes a point Fashion from the DVF Spring line A fashion hit from DVF
DVF had many bright colors and textures this year An eclectic outfit from DVF Models exuded so much class and elegance in DVF designs One of the more glittery temptations from the DVF line
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