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February, 24 2011 - VOA's Red Wine & Seafood serves up a taste of New Awlins

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Co-chairs Quinn Washington and Monica Owens Grand marshals Jean Galloway and Susan Kiely (wearing purple sashes), with Faye and Reggie Washington Kate Sutton (left), Vince Abrue and Jennifer Daurio all served on the planning committee. Eileen Kennedy (left) and Michelle Brown, of Single Volunteers of Greater Denver
The Oxford Hotel's Conrad Valt (left) with Executive Chef Stephen Vice John and Linda Giles Lavada Harmon (left) and Debra Wilcox Sean and Marilyn Manning
John and Stana Herbolich, board and guild member respectively, haven't missed this event since its creation 16 years ago. Daughter-father portrait: co-chair Monica Owens with former Colorado governor Bill Owens Arnold and Myrtle Roane Tony and Tamme Polson
Shontell Perkins and Nikki Scott The Oxford Hotel's Char Linhard (left), Joe Christensen and Amy Evans kept an eye on the shrimp-and-crab boil. Penny and John Devine Russell Quinnley and Katie Richardson
Grand marshal Sharon Magness Blake (left), with event co-founder Jodi Yannacito Ed Vanderslice (left), with Larry and Carol Fenster (l to r): Garrett Overstake, Jason Cole and Bill Broms Don and Pat Gatewood (left), with Emily Tarleton and Ira Martin
Lively tablemates (l to r): Herminia Vigil, Irene Webbink, Margaret Bollane, Cathey Herren and Myrna Mourning Enjoying the evening (l to r): Gloria Komppa, Molly Kinnard, Carol James, Marie Belew Wheatley and Frances Owens Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown and Denver Post Lifestyles editor Suzanne Brown The Andrew Hudson Dixieland Jamboree had toes a-tappin'.
Al and Terri Fisher (left), with Tamme and Tony Polson Grand marshals (l to r): Sharon Magness Blake, Jean Galloway and Susan Kiely (l to r): Amanda Fein, Greg and Sally VanBuskirk, and Nancy and John Riede Kathy and Greg Kaley
Carol McTavish and Michael James Veronica Bell (left) and Monica James Joan and Frank Phillips Jim White (left), with VOA board member John Herbolich
Gregory Sargowicki (left), with Karen Samansky and Lawrence French Daughter-mother duo Karen Samansky and Jodi Yannacito Brenda and Stan Fouts (left), with Char Dorsey and Sal Siraguse Tablemates (left to right): Cindy Freeding, Gene Criss, Jan Durant, Kilara Quintanal and Kyle Henson
Quan Nhin and Maly Lor Dr. Reggie Washington (left) and Greg Moore Randy and Dawn Kessler Courtney Muir (left) and Beth Muir
VOA President and CEO Dianna Kunz (left), with Nancy Thompson Left to right: Jody Pauley, Lori and Leonard VanSciver, and Jacque Campbell Family portrait: co-chair Quinn Washington (right), with Reggie and Faye Washington (l to r): Natalie Durkovich, Ryan Adrian, Kelly Burgesser and Emma Keyser
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