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April, 03 2011 - The Children's Hospital Hosts Little Hearts Fashion Show

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Keri Christiansen, left, Joanne Marquez and her sister Louise Richardson Connie Bechtolt, left, Juliette Whitten, Stephen Whitten, Cathy Berra, Terry Wyles and Tom Whitten Jessica Pandorf, left, Jenny Leonard, Chris Leonard and Kathy Pandorf Members of the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority, standing by to be escorts on the runway
Andrea E. gets some last minute fashion preparation from Kayte Charles Sydney, left, and Haley Beasley before the show Julia, left, and Maggie Simmons Johnny helps Amanda get ready
Some of the kids had some points to make to the firefighters before the show. Lyndsi Alderete, left, and Eliana pose before the show Brent Snyder, left, Denise Snyder and Jesse Ogas Lindy Scialla, left, Thelma Rilling and Margaret Scialla
Gertrude Arnold, left, Helga Ragsdale, Elizabeth Steele and Betty Brightwell Keri Christiansen, left, Layne Fleishman and Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons Debbie Gradishar, left, and Bonnie Neiheisel Jane Beasley, left, and Ilse Morris
Sharon McMeel, left, Molly Mills, Julie Headley and Cary Larger Donna Basile, left, Jeanette Stearkey and Sharon Downing Natasha Tokareva, left, Beth Letzsch, Sara Sherlock and Yuriy Tokarev Shirley Schmelzer and Brad Schmelzer
Cindi Burge, left, Kristin Richardson, Denise Snyder and Irene Zimmer Jacqueline Lindley, left, and Mitzi Hite and Lynn Merrifield from Dillard's Dr. Michael Schaffer chats with Erika Kimber Dr. Bonita Carson, left, and Leigh Ann Kelly
Peter and Cristen Calamari and their son John, sporting a debonair expression Color coordinated: Linda Cook, left, and Margie Epke Stuffed animals await fashion show participants Presenting sponsors Anna and John Sie, left, with Juliette and Stephen Whitten
Edie Marks chats with Michael Ditchfield Barb Toussaint, left, and Jill Lorentz Anca Call, left, and Pat Winders Angela DellaSalle, left, Dr. Bonita Carson and Pat Peterson, new President and CEO of the Kempe Foundation
Jackie and Frank Christiansen, left, Layne Fleishman, Gail Johnson and Frances Owens Tireless supporters: event chair Lyn Schaffer and Dr. Michael Schaffer Kim Christiansen did a great job as emcee Kim Christiansen makes a point
Vanessa Owen, staff chaplain at The Children's Hospital, gives the invocation Event chair Lyn Schaffer welcomes everyone Miss Colorado 2010 Melaina Shipwash Dr. Jim Jaggers, Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, chats with Miss Colorado Melaina Shipwash
Dr. Dunbar Ivy, Chief of the Cardiology Department, talks about some of the programs at the Heart Institute Dr. Jim Jaggers, Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, says a few words The speakers were complemented by portraits of clients on the screen Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Michael Schaffer
Lori Claussen, RN received the Sam and Fern Primak "Heart Who Cares" award from Dr. Michael Schaffer Lily and Ava were brought on stage by members of the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority Eliana and Kyle walk the runway with Dr. Dunbar Ivy Kyle just donated part of his allowance to an animal shelter to help animals
The Villager's Glory Weisberg escorts Julia Liam and Brendan Schaffer Dr. Michael Schaffer escorts Xavier Kennedy is escorted by a firefighter
Kennedy says he "is the orignal cookie monster." Leigh Ann Kelly walks with Sam Dr. Mitchell escorts Meg and Casey Meg and Casey charmed the audience
Caley walks with Dr. Jeff Darst Nicole enjoys being escorted by a firefighter Emily, Sydney and Brooke enjoying the show Tanner and his aunt Keri Christiansen, who herself had a heart condition at 6 months old
Tanner, Keri and Kim Christiansen on stage Lauren does some acrobatics that wowed the crowd as Liam watches Steven Halvorsen and his daughter Elsie Sam and Sydney own the stage
Julia walks with a firefighter Brooke and Christina do a twirl Amanda was not shy on stage, looking great Tara is escorted by Kempe Foundation's Pat Peterson
Models and parents congregate after the show Dr. Schaffer smiles with Xavier One last word for the show  
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