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May, 05 2011 - IMA Delivers A Successful Event

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Emily Torres with Patti Fay, manager at Rembrandt Yard Room of Wonders: Grant Gordy-guitar, Jayme Stone-banjo and Sandra Wong Nyckel-harp & fiddle Nichole Dipelot, Kathy Gunter and Alison Dwyer IMA Board member Lauri Hughes with Jeni Harger, Program Support Officer
IMA board member Megan Barksdale with David Secunda and Beth Holschuh Angela Stevens with Merrilyn Artman Cassidy and Michael Brady Board member Amy Livingston (center) with Nicole and Kyle Barker
Event sponsor Jody Shevins ND and Ali Yager Caroline McCauley, Doris Vargas and Nichole Dipelot Brandon Burelle with Matt Schaefer Alice Norten with Penelope and John Bennett
Elizabeth Buister, Cassie Hart, Amy Swagman and Nancy Acheff Kris and David Brown John Roberts, Jenny Balwin, Thom Rosen and Stacy Bluhm Lisa and Matt Murray
Michelle Kolakowski with Merrilyne Artman and Angela Stevens Board President Carmela Webber with Jim Bull and Erin Mulligan Steve Spencer, Danny Wyrick and Ryan Bruner Bidding before the silent auction closes
Lorraine Fairmont, Maureen Rimmer and Pete Mercer Paul Sutter with Julie Rothschild Board member Claudia Wyrick with Lindsey Wyrick David Abelson and Gordon Reinert
Lila Rosenthal with Andy Baker Boulder registered nurse Beverly Lyne with Lorraine Fairmont Jake Schepps and Laura Deluca Nick and Karen Hoskin with Maren Wood
Board member Megan Barksdale with her daughter Elke Roemer Barb Heverly with Ginny Jordon with BeadForLife founder Torkin Wakefield Raising a toast to International Midwife Assistance Jane Lose with Suzanne Carrington
Jayme and Laura Stone with Sandra Wong Registered nurse and IMA volunteer Beverly Lyne with IMA Executive Director Jennifer Braun Two of the midwives who were given a rose as a token of esteem Board member Megan Barksdale helps Don Martin explain the heads or tails game
Attendees signal they are in for "heads or tails" Heads or tails, it doesn't matter, as long as you're having fun Auctioneer Don Martin announces the winner of the heads or tails game An audience member Andrew Moore stands up to sing the praises of Wisconsin, one of the live auction items
Megan gives her daughter a lesson in charity auction bidding Board president Carmela Weber thanks everyone involved in making IMA's first Spring Gala a success in her closing remarks No cupcake was wasted with Rett Snyder and Cooper Braun in the house Board President Carmela Weber, right, and friend Sallie Smith
IMA staff and board of directors: (back row from left to right) Executive Director Jennifer Braun, board members: Megan Barksdale, Amy Livingston, Lauri Hughes, Jennifer Barr; Program Support Officer Jeni Harger; (Front row from left) Elke Roemer, daughter of Megan Barksdale; Carmela Weber, board president and board member Claudia Wyrick      
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