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May, 18 2011 - CNI's Cindy Acree Hope Awards Celebrate Courage and Success

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Gary Cook and Hope Award honoree Diane Cook Beatriz and Tom Rose at the reception Debbie Rollings and one of last year's award recipients, Brandon Rollings CNI's acting executive director, Ellen Belle (left), greets incoming executive director Tami Lack
Jackie and Scott Barnes Award recipient J.J. Beattie (second from left), with family members before the presentation J.J. Beattie, Cindy Acree Hope Award honoree, with husband John J.J. Beattie (left), with Allison Hoover
J.J. Beattie (right), with Nancy Gaertner Cindy Acree Hope Award honorees Jerry and Lisa Dowling Jerry and Lisa Dowling (second and third from left), pose proudly with family members. Cindy Acree Hope Award honoree, 6-year-old Lizzie Smith
Lizzie Smith (fourth from left), with her parents, siblings and grandparents Jon Stuck and Judith Stucky Front row: Lynn Bunnell (left) and Phyllis Cottle, with Clarence Bunnell and Shirley Scott CNI employees Laura Micciche (left) and Paula Fisk
Friends of award recipient J.J. Beattie at the pre-awards reception Wendy and Murray Smith At the reception (l to r): Joe Jaensen, Tom Rose and Dean Mills Melissa Holtgrewe (left), with Kim Martin and Richard Lurie
(l to r): Scott Moore, Greg Hoshida and Frank Karger Allison Smookler and baby Bella Smith (Lizzie Smith's sister), with Andrew Gonzales, Drew Giles (middle) and Zach Gilbert Representatives of the NeuroHealth Center at CNI Amy Kelsall with her brother, Dr. David Kelsall
(l to r): Frank and Anne Pilkington, Laurel Knaub-Konrad, Jill Deroehn and Bretton Konrad Awaiting the program (l to r): Lilly Griego, Nancy Becker and Roger Charbonneau Craig and Lyn Chambers Cindy Acree Hope Award honoree Alison Hedquist (center), poses with friends before the program.
Award recipient Alison Hedquist, with her "bosses" Fred Drainey (left) and Louis Lomas Alison Hedquist (right), with best friend Helen Hettle Preparing for the awards program (l to r): Dr. Kirsten Bracht (Alison Hedquist's neurologist), award recipient Alison Hedquist, awards namesake Cindy Acree, acting executive director Ellen Belle and CNI's new executive director Tami Lack Ron Eller (center) honors two of CNI's outgoing board members.
Lizzie Smith poses with her award at program's end. Lizzie Smith, Cindy Acree Hope Award honoree Diane Cook with CNI medical director Dr. Rajeev Kumar Working together as a cohesive team, Jerry and Lisa Dowling were recognized as award recipients.
Dr. Kirsten Bracht was part of Alison Hedquist's successful CNI team. J.J. Beattie, with neurosurgeon Dr. Edward Arenson 2011 Cindy Acree Hope Award honorees (left to right): J.J. Beattie, Alison Hedquist, Diane Cook, Lizzie Smith with her dad, and Lisa and Jerry Dowling Ron Eller and Cindy Acree. The Hope Awards were created in her honor and named for her daughter Hope.
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