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June, 16 2011 - Mental Health America of Colorado Kicks off 2011 Tribute Event

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MHAC's Richard Eveleigh, left, former Senator Moe Keller (on staff at MHAC now) and board member Tom Barrett PhD Marilyn Spinner, left, with Pamela and Gene Jackson (he's president of 100 Black Men of Denver) Thanks to Jim Smith for the libations Three Tomatoes provided some scrumptious appetizers
Paul and Lisa Bodek The Buell Mansion, built in 1916 and purchased by Temple Hoyne Buell in 1935 Board Chair Seth Belzley, left, President and CEO Don Mares, Community Relations Manager Jacy Conradt and board member Brett Spurr Don Mares greets his friend Bob Willis
Deb Galecki, left, and Bev Marquez of Metro Crisis Services Jennifer Ward, left, Richard Eveleigh, board member Dr. Ken Krause 2011 Tribute honorees Moses and Gwen Brewer, left, with Pamela and Gene Jackson Mary and Herb Merrill (he's a board member)
The Buell mansion serves as a clubhouse for the Buell Mansion subdivision, formed in 1997. The house was one of the host sites for the G8 Summit in 1997. Development Coordinator Alyson Fetherolf, left, and Sara Struckman have some fun serving up some wine, donated by Jim Smith and Republic Distributing. Board member Steve Hart accepts some wine from Sara Struckman Tribute chairs Helene and Brian Cook flank honorees Gwen and Moses Brewer
Board members Louise Boris and Seth Belzley have a chat Board member and honoree Gwen Brewer, left, and Stephanie Banks Don Mares chats with Marilyn Spinner and Ruth Silver Gene Jackson and Robert Willis catching up with each other
Board member Pegi Touff PhD, left, and Marilyn Spinner Ed George helped to welcome guests Board member Herb Merrill, left, and Valeria Vason have a chat as other attendees indulge in the great hors d'oeuvres Moses Brewer is known to tell a story or he's talking to Bev Marquez and Deb Galecki
Three board members Stuart Kassan MD, left, Brett Spurr and Tom Barrett PhD There were some beautiful portraits hanging in rows on the walls Board member Tom Flanagan Jr. of Citywide Banks always has a smile Guests chatting: Helene Cook, Valeria Vason, Moe Keller and Steve Hart
Marilyn Spinner, left, and event co-chair Helene Cook sharing some stories Guests indulging in the great appetizer buffet provided by Three Tomatoes Board members Tom Flanagan, left, and Steve Hart have a chat Paul Bodek introduces his wife Lisa, left, to honoree Gwen Brewer
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree: Maya Brewer, Gwen Brewer, Marques Brewer all looking great. Board members Seth Belzley, left, Steve Hart and Dr. Ken Krause Don Mares chats with Bev Marquez and Deb Galecki Board Chair Seth Belzley welcomes everyone
The crowd listens to speeches New President and CEO Don Mares says a few words Don Mares makes a point about mental health advocacy Tribute Chairs Helene and Brian Cook say a few words of welcome
Helene Cook looks on as her husband Brian reminisces about his long-time friendship with the Brewers Gwen Brewer comments about how she welcomes challenges in advocating for kids with mental health issues, as her husband Moses smiles. "Those kids are the ones who get kicked out, and the cycle keeps going," she said. Gwen and Moses Brewer encourage full participation in this year's Tribute fundraiser Guests had a great time at this kickoff party for Tribute.
Gail Kassan chats with her husband, board member Stu Kassan MD      
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