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July, 08 2011 - Stylish Soiree Previews Oct. 8 "Rising Star Runway Gala"

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Rising Star event co-chairs (l to r): Tommy Collier, Nathalia Faribault and Carol Engel-Enright Rising Star co-chair Carol Engel-Enright (left), with Kelly and Adam Kucera Mark Stewart at the reception with semifinalist designers Marnie Yates (left) and Maggie Burns (l to r): Eloise Wagers, event co-chair Nathalia Faribault and Cynthia Petris
Hostess Kathleen Potter (left) and Fashion Group International Regional Director Scottie Taylor Iverson toast to a successful evening. Chris Larkins with jewelry design semifinalist Samantha Louise Larkins Semifinalist designer Dana Van Daele (left), with Kate Hunt Wael Shenovda (left) and Karly Thomas, poolside
Designers Becky Prater and Gabriela Martinez chat before the program. Relaxing by the poolhouse (l to r): Therese Bernard, Sandra Morjan, Jack Morris, and Clare and Tom Day Krista Winston (left) and designer semifinalist Tracey Blake relax under an umbrella. Semifinalist designer Kaitlin Thomas (left), with Lisa Wear and Katharine Salzgeber
(l to r): Jessica Montoya, semifinal designers A.J. Machete and Lianna K., and Rachel and Nate Kennison Celebrating (l to r): Holly Hamby, Amber Schiele, semifinal designer Karyn Schiele and Davis Schiele Austin (left) and Jeanine McCleery Designer Natalee Moldenhauer (left) and Andrea Molina, wearing a Natalee M design
Gracious hosts Jim and Kathleen Potter opened their home to guests for the event. Krista Winston (left) and designer Tracey Blake FGI Denver's board secretary Jenny Baker Strasburg and Don Strasburg Ready for the introduction of the designers (l to r): Laura Meixell; Brenda Roush, of The Gathering Place; and board member Jenny Baker StrasburgCo
Carol Allen (left) and Sally Lyons Clouds and a few raindrops didn't dampen spirits at the Rising Star preview party. Co-event chair Nathalia Faribault (left) and FGI Regional Director Scottie Taylor Iverson Nathalia Faribault (left) and Scottie Iverson are prepared when raindrops fall.
These semifinal designers find out if they will be part of the 2011 Rising Star Runway Gala (Oct. 8) at the end of July. Master hairstylist Ergun Tercan (left) with designer semifinalists (l to r): Marnie Yates, Lindsay Bloom and Greg Gleen Semifinal designers (l to r): Meggie Hodge, Maggie Burns and Haley Keisler (l to r): Marella Molina, Gabrela Martinez, Natalee Moldenhauer and Andrea Molina
Semifinalist designer Dana Van Daele with supporters (l to r): Steve, Scott and Lou Ann Van Daele Designer Marnie Yates (second from right), with supporters Board members Jan Top (left) and Sharlene Douthit (l to r): Diane Gaston, John Beis and David Greskowiak
Jewelry designer Haley Keisler (left) and Caryl Thomason Semifinal designer Meggie Hedge (far left), with her entourage of supporters FGI Regional Director Scottie Taylor Iverson (second from right) with Rising Star co-chairs (l to r): Tommy Collier, Carol Engel-Enright and Nathalia Faribault Event ambassadors (l to r): board member Lisa Elstun, Haley Russell, committee member Stephanie Ohnmacht (2009 Rising Star finalist), Jen Layman and committee member Dora Enright
Members of the Kait Designs team relax in the veranda. Designer Lianna K. and Rachel Kennison Designer A.J. Machete and Jessica Montoya The preview party included a number of drawings for fun-focused treats.
After an evening of sun, clouds and raindrops, co-chair Nathalia Faribault celebrates the gorgeous rainbow that arrived on cue at the end of the event. Jim and Kathleen Potter hosted the Rising Star preview party at their Cherry Hills Village home. Anticipating the 6th Biannual Rising Star Runway Gala are (l to r): co-chairs Carol Engel-Enright, Nathalia Faribault, Tommy Collier and FGI Regional Director Scottie Taylor Iverson Soner Celik, VP of Operations, and owner/master stylist Ergun Tercan, of Ergun Tercan European Salon
The cameras came out as guests posed with a rainbow backdrop. Andrea Molina (left) and committee member Steve Replin FGI Regional Director-Elect Carol Engel-Enright (left), committee member Stephanie Ohnmacht and Regional Director Scottie Taylor Iverson  
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